What Is The Difference In Yellow 4mg Dilaudids I Have Always Got And White Ones That Are Manufactured By Malli They Dont Work

iceangel Says:

I have always got the yellow 4mg. dilaudids and they worked great. This month I got white ones 4mg. that are manufactured by Malli. They don't work at all. I need to take two to even get any relief and it is not much.

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David Says:


Usually when you receive a tablet that looks different from what you're used to getting, it's often the result of differences in the list of inactive ingredients; even if the dosage remains the same.

If you happen to know the imprint on both tablets I can post a list of binders/fillers used in each one for a closer look at what makes them different aside from the apparent yellow dye.

From what I've been led to believe, certain types of fillers can't actually be metabolized by our bodies and because the active ingredient is mixed up within the fillers, you're only receiving part of a dose that you're supposed to be getting. The same thing happened with Actavis after they reformulated Watson's Norco tablet. It had the same exact dosage listed, but became a lot less effective after changing what holds it together.

I hope this helps clear things up!

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Maxundergroundchem Says:

Even tho the pills have same exact amounts of active drug in them the fillers andadditives they use can effect the addsorbtion prosses bioavalibility you can take certain things with your pills to make them work like your yellow ones give me imprint and ill tell you how to get the best possible bioavalibility out of them thank you

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Maxundergroundchem Says:

Manufacturers although they have same amount of active drug the inert ingrediants can effect the pharmaknetics of the drug its self. change your pharmacy to one that carrys your preferred maker or to one with simalar inert ingredients you can see inactive ingredients on manufacturers site

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KT Says:

I've been taking 20 mg. Percocet for about 5 years now. They're not really doing much good anymore and my pain managemwnt doctor asked me to consider switching to Diluadid. What are the benefits of Diluadid over Percocet and what are the negatives?

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Gg Says:

Oh so your a MD finally lol you ppl are something else.

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McGyver Says:

Have they changed the way they make Rhodes 4mg hydromorphone? The last ones I got had major duff left behind. I was wondering if this was becuz they were old? My Dr doesn't like to do prior authorization so I could get name brand. I found Roxanne were goof. Never heard of Elite brand. And do they still make 11mg?

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Piglet65 Says:

What pharmacy carries the yellow diauldid 4mg pills cause l get the white 4mg diauldid and l have to take 2 sometimes for my chronic pain and the yellow 4mg l only have to take 1 dnt like to double up...

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Jay Says:

Re: KT (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Hi KT I been on diauldid 4mg for a little bit now and I like diauldid better but I will tell you they are harder to get filled if you haven't use the same pharmacy for a few years I am glad the pharmacy I use know me I been with them for years but there isn't much a different to me I use to take p diauldid is storg then p

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