What Is The Difference Between Pain O Soma And Prosoma

Cricket Says:

I only want to know the difference between Pain-O-Soma and Prosoma.

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EDDY Says:

If you ONLY want to know the difference between these two drugs, you would need to speak to another Felon that has ordered controlled medicine from overseas. Or you could read archived posts here about both drugs and educate yourself?

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Cricket Says:

I am not a felon. I only wanted information but since you seem to know the law and have apparently tried illegal transactions, I will advice you that I found out what I wanted to know, the legal way. I don't trust felons and I feel you are one of knowledge. I went thru legal channels to find my answers. No thank you for the failure to answer a simple question.

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EDDY Says:

What did you find out?

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David Says:


Although I haven't found many specific details, Carisoprodol seems to be the main active ingredient in both those medications.

If there are any unique differences that I'm not seeing, it's more than likely going to be found in the list of inactive ingredients (binders/fillers).

Furthermore, generic medications may contain up to 25% more or less of the actual 'active' ingredients. This could potentially pose as a problem for those who are dependent on a set dosage.

Do you happen to know what the pill imprints are on those tablets?

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To EDDY Says:

Hey EDDY sounds like your a real D****. People who want to be informed about the different compositions / meanings of brand differences between legitimate products that are available in many countries under those brand names (just because they don't necessarily sell them under those brand names in your country, which I assume is the US because you use the refer to FELONS) should be able to find out safely on forums such as this about that information, not vilified because you are self-righteous. Your advice or should i say lack of it is dangerous for people who are not as informed as you think you are. By the way I am a Doctor. Also sounds to me that you know a little too much about the felony trade in drugs too... hmm.

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ED Says:

A real Doctor wouldn't call me a name but you are right. Its just that Soma has been moved into a class 4 controlled substance in our Country. Not cool to order it anymore via the mail. It is a Felony in the U.S. to do so!

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T Says:

@ Ed Ya but you're putting in your "input" where it was not asked, unneeded, and is furthermore seriously the wrong place to sit and talk and call people felons!! People are here for information... Not slander and hurtful "notes" "Ed" and a doctor can call you a d*** .. Drs. don't sign a contract to loose their opinions on people.. And when they are off the clock they are just citizens.. Nothing else.. So therefore it is not obvious to me that he is not a doctor because just like police officers when they're off the clock can be regular human beings, so can doctors!! just to let you know and guess what I'm a nurse!! do you have something to say about that? And maybe your next response would be if your a nurse then what are you doing asking about this medication on an internet site!! Because they're helpful! So again people are here for helpful info and not to be put down! but apparently we are all talking about "illegal drugs" that "felons" are speaking about?! By the way the Internet is worldwide not everyone is from the US on this forum. not everyone has the same rules and regulations and you'd think if you were an intelligent person that you would know that when you come on a thread like this that there are going to be people from all over the world asking for different reasons about different things and you should be a lot more tolerant and A LOT less judgmental!! I'm not at work and I just want to do some research online. is that a problem with you Ed??? Drs don't sign a contract to not feel their own feelings & opinions & not call people names..they take an oath to protect people in anyway they possibly can..that doesn't mean they're not human and that they don't have their own opinions about other individuals...and I agree with this doctor and if you notice the word doctor does not have quotes around it thank you very much because I went on here looking for an answer and instead I got called a supposed felon? And I was asking for my friend that is in India studying abroad and just needs to know so I was looking up references for her since she doesn't have Internet connection right now.. And it's a different time zone.. I hope that's okay with you???!!!!!! Haha!? Actually I could care less altogether! Good riddens if I hear NOTHING BACK! I know people get bored and have nothing better to do than to make others feel like s***!! so in my mind you're just mean!!

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EDDY Says:

Fair enough, although I did not post the "Ed" post yet my comments were just as disturbing. It is best not to order medicine from the internet, especially controlled medicine as it most likely violates your countries laws. Sorry to Cricket from 2013

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sandy Says:

Is it really true that they are now going to take soma off the market? and why? This is the only medication I can take to bear this pain. now what am I going to do.

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Cindy Says:

You go girl its about time some of these jerks got put in there place

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Wolffman22 Says:

Pain-o-soma seems to be about 3× more potent than prosoma. Prosoma is a rip off imo. I sure wish people on these forums would stick to actually answering a legitimate question regarding something people are going to do anyway rather than judge and criticize. It helps no one other than the complainer's ego for feeling superior

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EDDY Says:

Re: Wolffman22 (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Pain O Soma, Prosoma, HAB Soma, all from India, all not worth your time. I once ordered a bottle of Merck Soma from Ireland, beautiful Glass bottle, also fake. I'm not sure Merck even makes Soma?

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Sleepy Says:

Re: ED (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

My brother used to buy illegal xanax through the mail from India or China or somewhere. It was great for him until he spent hundreds on a batch of duds. Lol

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Rejis38 Says:

Re: EDDY (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

You don't have to respond like an ass boss. Calm yourself, exercise respect or just stay out of forums if you're such a miserable human being

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EDDY Says:

Re: Rejis38 (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

That was 9 years ago and I apologized. The bottom line though Soma from India is a waste of your money and would be better spent with a licensed Doctor.

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some dude Says:

Re: EDDY (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Felon? Hah! Hell, send the patients to prison, that'll help a lot.

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some dude Says:

Re: EDDY (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Eddie is a felon. Oh my golly. Eddie is a felon. Oh my golly.Eddie is a felon. Oh my golly.Eddie is a felon. Oh my golly.Eddie is a felon. Oh my golly.Eddie is a felon. Oh my golly.Eddie is a felon. Oh my golly.Eddie is a felon. Oh my golly.Eddie is a felon. Oh my golly.Eddie is a felon. Oh my golly.Eddie is a felon. Oh my golly.Eddie is a felon. Oh my golly.Eddie is a felon. Oh my golly.Eddie is a felon. Oh my golly.Eddie is a felon. Oh my golly.

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Joseph Says:

Pro-som is Estazolam, a benzo sleeping pill. Soma is Carisprodol, a muscle relaxer. They are both controlled substances.

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Joseph Says:

Soma is the brand name of the muscle relaxer Carisoprodol, which turns into the first generation sedative Meprobamate (Miltown,Equanil) in your body. Prosom is the brand name for the benzo sleeping pill Estazolam. Both are controlled substances in the US, and are habit forming.

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EDDY Says:

Re: Joseph (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

The medicine in question is PRO-SOMA, an Indian brand of Soma (Carisoprodol)

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