What Happens When You Withdrawl From Xanax

denyse Says:

My friend has been taking xanax for the past two months he's been taking the 2Mg bars he would eat about 10 bars a day because of his anxiety he stoped taking them for couple of weeks and now he is not remebering anything he has been passing out and saying he had a conversation with somebody and never even talked to that person. like we'll be sitting in a room and he will think the phone is ringing but it isnt. and he said he had a conversation with me one day and i never even talked to him that day. I'm trying to find out if this could be from the xanax because its making me very worried.

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Sharon Says:

Your friend is going through severe withdrawel. You need to take him to emergency as xanax withdrawel can cause seizures. He is seing things that are not there because stopping xanax at those off the chart levels causes psychosis. It's not permanent..it'sthe withdrawel. He needs to go to emergency asap or call 911 and explain your situation. He is in great danger. There are only tow class of drugs that you can die from due to withdrawel. Benzodiazapams (xanax) and alcohol. I hope he is still alive because you posted this a while back. Hopefully this will be of help to someone else also as I was up to 17 milligrams per day and have ben clean for over a year. Trust me..I've been there...my heart goes out to anyone hooked on this drug. You have to get properly detoxed(medical detox) and hopefully tratment. God Bless!

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axe Says:

Initially i put in my real name ... i don't see the point in an alias..not in this kind of a 'discussion' anyways.Please don't take my 'tone' to be obnoxious or any thing...its just that i''m upto 30mg's everyday..After nearly killing myself going cold turkey for 20painful, stuck-in-a-nightmare-scared of my own-shadow' days-i was convinced by an ex-girlfriend to go & watch a movie with her at the multiplex. As any xanax addict knows ; just leaving the house & making it to my car is like moving underwater-holding ur breath till u can start breathing again once you've reached (& locked yourself inside..breathing eases as you turn the ac way up and u know no-one can see u thru the tint's..turn up the relaxing lounge music so no other sounds bother you.... Its been sooo many years ...this battle has been won-no, not by me..i'm too weary nowadays ...I give up...the war's won by xanax, alprazoalam, etc.. its the only way i fool people into believeing everything's fine & here's the smile to prove it : ) Does anybody give a damn, anyways? ..i understand ...everyone has their share of problems to deal with.

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homehealth1 Says:

possible sliding into deep depression (manic) with way off chemicals in his brain. He needs a blood test immediately. If he won't get a blood test he is hiding something or manic paranoid! Good luck

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OnMeds Says:

I am sick of hearing about all you drug addicts abusing xanax! I HAVE to take xanax for a mental health disorder three times a day. When I run out, and if I run out on a weekend I am screwed! No doctor anywhere, even in the ER will NOT give me any to tie me over for the weekend! All because of s***ty abusers like you!! If you have a problem, get diagnosed and get on the drug properly! Don't be a freakin idiot and abuse it and ruin it for the people who REALLY need it!!!

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Patience is the a cure Says:

WOW, your angry. Angry at the wrong people for the wrong reasons. please don't let your prescription run out on a weekend. You can get a refill before the bottle is empty.

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googie Says:

i have been taking 40 mg, of xanax for 15 years , my dr. retired , and the new dr. says i have to stop taking them , i am upset , because ,they help me with alot of my medical promblems , i take 120 ,10 mg . a month , what kind of other medicine can they give you for withdrawal , i am 60 yrs. old , and i'm scared.

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Bob f Says:

If you have a reason to take them on a daily dose
Don t get on your high horse about running out + no Dr
Will write you a Rx because all the addicts are ruining it
4 you!You should not run out on weekend if your not abusing it! In 1976 Time magazine wrote an article about this new anti-anxity drug called Vallum. They prescribed 240 million pills in 1 Year! So xanax is the new vallium! Bad drug for abus nasty length withdraw!!

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Ed Says:

Huh If you are taking the drug as perscribed how could you possibly run out?. I am treated for chronic pain and there are ery few reasons to "Run Out' 1. abuse. 2 Not keeeping an appointment and be that the case the benzos can be called in by your Doctor. Your aggresive response as well as blaming other people for your difficulties getting your Meds ;eave me to believe it is just another "Pot calling the kettle Black"

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Cori85 Says:

My doctor has been prescribing me Xanax for anti anxiety. It has been about 3 maybe 4 months. I have been having seizures so frightening that when I wake up everyone is crying or backed into a corner. I decided to give it up because I am convinced that these little monster pills are the root cause.
Drs are fools, especially the kind I have, who works in the bad part of town and is out for a lot of money. I have to continue to see this doc because he also prescribes me suboxone. Does anybody know if these two drugs combined would cause seizures?
I just had a 30 sec seizure this morning, and my mother said my lips were turning blue when I finally came to. I have been told to ask for anti-seizure meds but the withdrawal from those drugs cause seizures too.
I have always been such a strong girl, never blacked out no matter how much I drank or how many drugs I did, but these little bars have bested me, and it terrifies me to black out again.
I warn anybody about to start taking Xanax of the risks and the side effects of this drug because now I am stuck on this s*** until I find out another solution...
Good luck y'all and stay away from Xanax! Up with Valium, down with Xanax!

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skgp1966 Says:

Hello, I have been taking xanax for 21yrs and when I run out I do not going in pubic at all, If some one knows something eles to take Please let me KNow ... so tryed to come off them, I have by bolar, and 4 other diorders , I have tryed busbar, posec but nothing seems to help

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Paula Says:

You are absolutely right!! Ive been on Xanax for ten yrs 2mg 3 x a day, but with people that abuse the meds, people like us that really need them get screwed!! It's really sad to see and hear about a lot of people abusing The meds out there!!!!

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ramona Says:

Taking 0.5 mg of xanax at bedtime for many years,I ran out this weekend, cant get until Monday, will I have withdrawl?

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brandon Says:

I feel your pain. I was just taking 6-8 mg a day(3 or 4i bars) and i quit cold turkey, along woth pain meds. After thinking i got through the worst of the withdrawal, 3 full days i had a seizure at work for the for the first time in my life. Im back on them again. I have to buy them on the street because drs wont prescribe the so its expensive too. Scared to stop because i dont wanna have another seizure ...

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melzy Says:

my bf has been addicted to xannys for awhile now and he has been getting very bad withdrawls and gets pissed off easily. he is on probation too and me and his mom are very worried.. anything we can do to help him without him going to jail for being on probation?

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john Says:

They are from the xanax.I was on them for 6 years and i nearly died getting off of them.I had severe chest pains like my heart had a weight on it.The anxiety was so overwhelming and i could sleep.Ive kicked all kind of opiates and xanax was the worst to kick.It took me 3 months just to get over the withdrawals and a year later im still having panick attacks.Its a daily struggle not to do a benzo.Im dealin with life straight and its a b**** and im going to AA 3 nights a week.

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Angela Says:

First of all if you take your Meds the rite way you would not run out and you would not have to be begging the Hospital for your Xanax you are no DIFFERNT then this people and you no why because a doctor put a name on yours so you don't feel bad about taken the dame things.So freaking boo hoo you are little crazy will welcome to the F&$@! Club

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I know xanax well Says:

You know all you people out there blaming those that abuse the drug are in denial. First of all the drug is known and a common fact that is it very addiciting to your body and when you don't have it in your system you go crazy...I take it for insomnia and I went off cold turkey at 8 mg a day. 4 horrible months later I'm back on because I can't sleep at all ever....It's a horrible drug but does wonders and the fact is it is a addiciting drug where you need more of it! It is the only pill that works for insomnia for me and without insurance you are just screwed. The doctors all know this very well....Bad doctors!

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jeri Says:

MYson is 32 and addicted to xanax he quit cold turkey and has not eaten in 10 days .He is acting strange like seeing things and talking crazy.He also sleeps alot.
He won't go to the hospital.

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mljones67 Says:

I have been taking xanex for the last year after 4 of my family members died in a 3 year time. I did not know what was going on with me until I saw a doctor. I would sweat,cry and have rapid heart beats and thought honestly I was having a heart attack. I take 0.5 mg a day even though it says to take one in the morning and one at night. I want to get off these meds but when I do I get really depressed and my thoughts are very confused and jumbled and I get VERY edgy. Should I just half my dose and get off that way. I really dont want to be on xanex the rest of my life. I would appreciate any suggestions

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lutan fyah Says:

Ive been prescribed xanax since i was 14, i am 30 now and i can tell the drug is the only.one that can remotely help me. But at the same time it has seriously damaged my body,mind,and rap sheet! Lol i am a recovering alkoholic as well so u cud imagine the damage ive cuased with.liquor,xanax, and opiates. Point being dr's put me on it for severe social anxiety, and ptsd from being abused sexuall,mentally, an physically. And also from intense hallucinageon abuse starting at the age of 12. I have experienced more insane hallucinations from benzo withdrawals thatn with all the.lsd and mushrooms ive done! Intense grand maul seizures, and pure psychosis in and out of jail. It is the hardest drug known to man to get off of. If u must take it like me. Make f***in sure u dont.over take them and do not run out! It is krazy krazy White withdrawing from any benzo and it sux cuz they.are the only.thing that can help

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ueatbagsofdix Says:

you cant blame people for the governments actions. many of these people got hooked because of dr's.

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EDDY Says:

It kills you on the way in and it kills you on the way out. I mean that sucks coming from one who almost died on the way out plan

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Cmac Says:

I was prescribed Xanax medically for over10 years. I am now into my second month without. I did a medical detox for 10 days and have been in an IPO for 22 days. I am still having a bad time. Just because it's prescribed, doesn't mean it's not killing you.

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Brian Says:

I don't believe your story, not for one second. Benzodiazepine Withdrawal is worse than Opiate/Opioid Withdrawal. If your “friend" was taking just half that amount for half of the time you said, within 12 hours he would start to feel the Withdrawal kicking in. 12 hours after that he would be in a World of Hurt. He would be suffering brutal panic attacks. He would likely be on the verge of falling into seizures. He would not need your help in pointing out what was wrong, it would be very- very obvious, because he would be craving a xanax, (alprazolam), dose in a extreme way. The only reason for your friend, which you invented with your imagination, to be going through this awful experience would be because he, or she- (it doesn't matter because he or she doesn't exist), was out of supply and would be doing the most that could be done to get more. I suggest if you are going to make up stories to get attention, that you should do a lot more research. I feel sorry for you. You need help. This type of behavior is repugnant. Stop wasting the time of others with your pathetic lies, or maybe you are not lying & you are psychotic. If so, then get help because if you are this far off the deep end of reality, you are probably a threat to yourself and others & you need to be in a locked down psychiatric facility.
However, if I was to wager on whether you were insane, or just a loser with nothing better to do, but “cry wolf" to a group of people online, I would most definitely put my money- 5 to 1, on the latter. I can't stand people like you. You are like a human leech that clings on to people, and has to be the center of attention. You are the kind of person who abuses the kindness of others. You keep playing your games with people, and I guarantee you that one day you will try your game on the wrong person, or group of people and you will be treated to a good thorough beating. The good side of this, if you survive it, or aren't beaten into a person who would be mentally deficient, (that would be ironic- then you would have the sympathy and attention that you seem to crave like a drug, I suspect), would be that the beating you will eventually receive, would put your entire life into a whole new perspective. Consequences are often enough, the best teachers. I don't know how old you are, but you need to change. When I was a kid back 1999, I needed to change, I didn't like myself, so I took action & joined the United States Marine Corps. I get the feeling you are an American & that you are young.
Man up, or woman up and join The Corps. If you are a man you will join The Infantry, as I did. It's a great time to be in The Marines. Believe me they are experts at taking repulsive civilians and changing them into honorable, courageous and committed young Marines. The change is forever.It was the best part of my life. Unfortunately, I was Medically Retired in 2010 due to injuries sustained in combat. However, if I had to do it over, I would of done it the same.

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FireBlasterdz Says:

2mg 0f Xanax 3 timez a day?! Prescribed?! Who in gods name needs that much alprazolam?! That sounds like abuse right there, just with a dr's seel of approval!! Lo f'ing L. I have severe anxiety and that much Xanax causes more stress than helps. I'm on a long acting benzo ( Clonazapam) 1mg 1-2 times daily and that is plenty. Any more and it makes it worse. A bar 3 times a day, ridiculous amount even for treating seizures. Hope you don't lose your doc cause not many others will write a script like that. Alprazolam is strong and if the dose is too high, the consequences are serious, sooner or later. Stop blaming addicts, 3mg a day is not a long term therapeutic dose whatsoever, short term maybe.

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dyslexic Says:

30 mg a day how did you get that, jesus man you would be asleep 24 -7 I TAKE 6MG ATIVAN a day and the shrink says that's a lot , cost you a fortune 30mg Xanax that in mg 60 mg Ativan . jesus

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EDDY Says:

1988 here and the more you think about it, for the betterment of mankind we need for all Benzos to be removed from the U.S. This 30 day thing has people acting like addicts to obtain their needed drugs. Oh I'm right there with you but don't live fill to fill and have to worry about it. I also realize it would be best if I finally go into some sort of inpatient rehab as the medicine controls your brain chemistry and really we will never get better

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Jennifer Says:

AMEN! I have taken daily xanax since 1998 (when my husband jumped in front of a train). And now with all the abusers--you are ruining and preventing people whom take the drug to treat acute panic disorder/PTSD from staying on this medication. Taken as prescribed, mistakes happen, docs may write you a script every month and they forget some months are 31 days, or call it in with the wrong pick up date (due to the high controls needed caused by abusers) we can't fix the mistake, and nor can the pharmacists-and we realize it a day 2 late, and can't reach docs as it's Saturday. Also, my doc has made mistakes with my appointments calling in refill for "Sunday the 9th, when Sunday is the 10th, and also being every 30 days, writes script for a 28 day month. Or god forbid we're sick and can't make it to re-up appt! It right the scripted uses for severe medical reasons have to deal with people breaking the law, abusing this med, and WE pay for it-the actual people who take this drug as scripted. The addicts-they need help and the SHOULD get help! Regardless of the fact they did this to themselves taking an unscripted drug, but it's not their fault they are addicts. But they chose to be addicted to this drug. I also have a new provider as mine retired, and she doesn't script ANY patients xanax. I feel for addicts, being addicts isn't their fault-BUT being addicted to xanax IS their fault, and they knew they had addiction problems, and to this drug "to feel high", now "we" who require this drug for severe psyc reasons get turned down.

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Doreen Says:

Why don't you try taking Seroquel 150 milligrams at bedtime will help you sleep you will sleep you don't need any other drugs to sleep then Seroquel. I have been taking Seroquel for over 5 years to sleep and I sleep very well every night. A lot of people AR acting like they're not addicted because the doctor writes their Scripts but if they don't last you a full 30 days then you are an addict and you should stop taking especially Xanax to sleep it's not a sleeping pill it's for acute anxiety panic attacks xcetera.

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Doreen Says:

No it is not because of people abusing Xanax that you can not get any on the weekends. If you need meds on the weekends then obviously you are overdoing your Xanax pills as well. My doctor gives me enough meds to last me 30 days and I see him before the 30 days is up sounds like you definitely have a problem with your Xanax 3 times a day. Maybe you should stop pointing the finger at addicts and realize that you are one also. End of story.

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