What Exactly Does Suboxone Do? Is It Addicitive?

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K Says:
i have a friend who desperately wants to get off of methadone and pain pills. will suboxone work? is it addicitive too? if someone can please help me that would be great! also is it very expensive, that's what i've heard.

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Verwon Says:
Well, first off, yes, it can be addictive as well, however, it has distince advantages over narcotic meds, Benzos, and even Methadone. Suboxone works on many of the same receptors, since it is a narcotic agent, however, it does not give the same high effect and euphoria that most addicts enjoyed, which is what made them get addicted in the first place. It also contains an opiate neutralizer, so it neutralizes anything in your system from the other drugs you were using, and of course prevents someone from continuing to use while they are on it.

Most people who used Methadone therapy end up addicted to the Methadone, and very few ever get totally clean, a very large percentage of people end up on a life-time maintenance dose of it, but since Suboxone works differently, most people that use it for addiction end up being totally clean, not even using it after awhile, once they care clean from their other addictions, and past the dangers of withdrawals, the person is slowly tapered off the Suboxone.

Yes, it is expensive, and the drawback is you cannot get it from just any doctor. For a doctor to prescribe it, they have to take specialty training course in addiction and the use of Suboxone, so that means it is available right now in very limited areas, and many of the clinics have a waiting list. And yes, it is also expensive.

Here's the website about it, which also lets you check to see if there is a doctor that can prescribe it in your area:

Suboxone.com Click Here

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Dusty Says:
I have been on Boxone for two & a half years. I have reduced my dosage as low as I want to go, as it does take the edge off the pain. After going on a 100mg. to 0 & homelessI came home,& my friend, & MD.saved my life, & went to the class,ASAP. I have come a long ways,But He seems to forget that this all started after my many accidents, & injuries.
Plus the drug addict label that is required, then you will always have to answer those questions on driver lisence,pass port ect.
It works well &is much easier to kick. You will still get sick if you don't do it rite. follow the directions as it is not a pain med. Dust

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bob Says:
k,i had to go on pain killers for multitude of ailments,when the pain left and i tried to stop the meds i felt like i was going to vibrate out of my shoes,i could'nt sleep and everything in my body hurt.someone told me about this therapy and within a matter of days i was a-o.k. i have had to stop these meds before and suffered for weeks and weeks,it is not pleasent,this stuff allows you to function as if nothing is happening,after a few days i stopped with not a hint of anything negative.it truly is an amazing discovery,you just put it under your toung till it desolves a couple of times a day and poof you are back to your old self! hope this helps,just keep in mind i was not an addict getting high on pain meds i had genuine medical issues and was treated accordingly,an addict may have to stay on this stuff a little longer but i have heard of opiate abusers being greatly helped by this.good luck, bob

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linda Says:
I'm on Day #4 of my suboxone treatment and I'm very grateful for it. I NEVER could have gone 4 days without pain killers and be expected to function...kicking was/ is AWFUL. I was dong 30 #10 Lortabs a day and wanted off desperatly, but felt too awful when I tried to go without them.As soon as I'd get a 'script, I started worrying about running out. I couldn't plan anything because because I didn't know if I'd have tabs to be able to function well enough. I had to do something. You get weaned off them, and unlike Methadone, you no longer have cravings. I don't crave any now. You can't take painkillers while taking Soboxone, they won't work. Suboxone blocks them. If you start with Soboxone, you MUST be in at least mild withdrawal. You feel better IMMEDIATLY after the first dose. It saved my life.. GOOD LUCK!!

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Hippefreak Says:
I have tried to kick heroin several times since 1999, and I am 25 yrs. yrs old. I have been off of heroin for the last 14 months, and used methadone (liquid) that was prescribed for that matter, and am fixing to try the suboxen for that.
so anyway feedback would be helpful. thanx! Sara

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Linda Says:
Best of luck, Sara. Give this a try.. I think you'll be happy. As for expense, it's costly. BUT.. how much were you spending on drugs? Boxone is approx. $8.00 per pill and you'll probably need 2 a day. Maybe 3, depends on your system and how much drugs you were doing. I don't know what state you are in, but there's a waiting list in most states. I'm in Florida and I was lucky. Made the call on Tuesday, 1st treatment on Thursday. The law for Suboxone was written to discourage long clinic type lines, (like methadone clinics) so at first, Dr.'s were only allowed to treat 30 patients with Suboxone, then had to put the rest on wait. They are now allowed to treat a max. of 100 patients, if they applied for it. I urge you to start making phone calls immediatly in case you are put on a waiting list. The Suboxone web site has a lot of info. I'm not familiar with the web site we are on right now, but if you need to chat there must be a way we can contact each other... especially if you are Fla. so I can give you the Dr's. name. Either way, do your research and as the web info says, you MUST be in at least mild withdrawal when you take your first treatment. Don't try to fool yourself, you'll only feel MUCH WORSE. Taking Suboxone while pain killers are still abundant in your system will send you into extreme withdrawal... you think you feel bad now??!! Good Luck..Linda

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lisa heaney Says:
My son was on heroine i took him to a hospital detox center here in Salt lake city they started him on soboxim and released him to me the next day he was over getting sick immediatly and off suboxim in 8 weeks it a miracle drug for opiate addiction to me. good luck everyone !

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kevin Says:
ive been trying to live with out having to take opiates or any kind of drug i currently get suboxone from my friend daily whos on them cause i had mine taken away when i went to jail for drug charges and now i cant afford to b on the suboxone i pay my friend about $5 a day and he gives me a suboxone daily now i live with my parents and am only 19 years old and yet i could probably handle more coke/dopespeedball in my arms moe then most adults can i use to be able to shoot 6 bags of dope and 3 bags of coke at once now i dont know what to do i hate getting sick withdrawal was worse in jail i had to do cold turkey for about 2 months before it got better i dont know how to get on suboxone with out my parents finding out cause im on there insurance anyone know anything i can do i mea would i have to be on my own and get medicare or something????

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donna Says:
kevin you are legally an adult. so,the doc doesnt have to tell your parents .....and, there are doctor patient confidentiality laws........that means you can privately talk to your doctor.tell him what you told us, he can work ith you and keep your privacy..good luck!and i really wish you well to quit your HUGE habit before it quits you!!

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carrie Says:
YES!I was on methadone for 2 years and coming off of it was the worst thing ever!I have now been In a suboxone program for 3 years now and it't great.I advise everyone i hear wants to get into a methadone clinic not to.1. It is like liquid hand cuffs and 2.you either stay on it forever or you get extremely dope sick coming off. Its worse than kicking dope. So yes I would definately recommend a suboxone program. Get off that methadone or you'll never be able to. Good Luck. And remember to just take it a day at a time!

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carrie Says:
I would just kike to say that I have been a crack cocaine addict, an oxycontin(opiot) and an intrevenious heroin addict for at least 10-12 years.I'v been in a methadone clinic for to years, which was the worst mistake I ever made.I advise any one seeking help to get int a suboxone program. I've been on subone now for about 2 tears and i feel great.IM also on alot more meds for anxiety,depression and sleeping pills because of all my stupidity and addiction I lost 2 of 3 of my kids which I'm fighting to get back right now. I've got ALOT of experienc with all kinds of drugs so if theres any one out there that feels alone and just wants someone to talk to I am hear to listen and give whatever advice I can give.I had to go threw my sobnriety all alone and wish I had anyone to talk to so dont be shy.It hels to just get your feelins out some times . so if your looking for someone who has been threw what your going threw or just ned a friend,write to mr anytime. Luv Carrie

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asking Says:
does the doctor who prescribes suboxone tell your family doctor that you are seeking treatment? That is what is currently stopping me because I am worried, since my family doc is a friend of the family and we have known him for years. I know the confidentiality laws but i am worried anyway. Doctors are human..... any insight would be appreciated..... also do you ween off the subox?

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tiffany Says:
Suboxone really helps a lot but it is really expensive especially if you dont have insurance..for example I have Humana and for 150 of them its only $45 but with my new insurance its $75 for the same amount...w/out insurance it is around $900 for 150. I just looked at how much my insurance saved me on the paper and it was $879.99!! I would def get it for help if you have insurance and wouldnt take methodone...also if you dont have insurance you can go to a clinic and get it for like $12 a day.

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jenny Says:
I live in north east Ga. I go to Dawsonville to a wonderful Doctor who has dedicated his life to help people. I have United Health Care Ins. and RESTAT RX Ins. When I started going there last year He charged 150$ which my insurance took care of and the Scripts for 180# of suboxone is only 35 $. I take other meds for HTN SJ Syndrome, Depression.... on my other meds it is only 5 $ per Script.
Suboxone has changed my life. Unfortanly I am now disabled with arthritis so bad in my Joints that I cannot work... Thank goodness my hubby makes a killing and has excellent insur. Contact me and I will give you my doctors name or if you would like for me to call and see if he has any more openings..
He is allowed to treat 100 sub patients. Love to all

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sara Says:
I have been using suboxone to get off of an opiate addiction. I have not used opiates in about 2 years, but now I can't seem to stop the soboxone. I have tried and tried and when I don't take the soboxone I feel major withdrawl symptoms. Any ideas? Please!

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Melissa Says:
BF on Percs

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Jules Says:
I have been taking Suboxone for 30 days. I was never told that it was also addictive. My doctor advised me via telephone that he was no longer prescribing suboxone to me because I missed one mtg. I am scared as hell regarding the with drawl effects. I take 8mg per day. any suggestions.

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con h Says:
I think people are painting to rosey a picture. Although sub is not as hard to kick as methadone it is no cake walk. My opinion is that it is better than methadone but keep in mind that you still will be addicted. I have been weening off from 24 millagrams and the way my doc told me to do it is -2mgs then stay there for two weeks and so on. but then it gets a little different when you are really low. A lot of docs dont understand how long it takes to kick the stuff.

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PHN Says:
Hi K,
First thing I want to let you now is I am not a doctor, so I cant tell you what medication will work and I cant tell you that Suboxone is any better or any worse than methadone. I can tell you from my own experience that Suboxone works for a lot of people, but it didnt work for me. I find it so interesting how people try to be doctors and think they know what is best for you. There are so many bad myths about methadone, and you need to explore YOURSELF which one is better for you. #1 myth. If you get on Methadone you will never get off of it. BS,,I have many friends who were on methadone and they tapered down from whatever their dose was and they are all opiate free today. #2. Methadone is liquid handcuffs. I have been on methadone for a very long time and I am free to go wherever I want anytime I want. All I have to do is tell the doctor at the clinic when I am leaving town and I get as many bottles as I need. Of course if a patient is using other drugs, that doesnt apply to them, I dont consider going to my clinic once a week for 5 minutes handcuffs Liwuid handcuffs is totally an NA scare tacic #3. Suboxone was made so there wouldnt be long clinic lines. Please show me the article you have on that, I would love to see that LIE in writting, The truth is, suboxone is an alturnative nothing more, nothing less.#4 Suboxone unlike methadone doesnt give you cravings for opiates. That is the stupidest line I ever heard. I am not possitive, but I am pretty sure it os the other way around. When I was on suboxon I always craved opiates. Once I got on methadone, and got my doseage right, I havent even thought about other opiates. I also want to add a few things that some posters had written. To the poster whos doctor cut her off of suboxone because of a missed appoints..My advise is get on the horn to an attorney fast..Your doctor cant cold turkey you no matter what. You will get very sick,your doctor must want to get sued, because you do have a case. To the poster that started on 100mg of suboxone, You must mean 10mg because the most you can get is 32, I know becasue I was on the highest dose, and what do you mean about having a drug label? That makes no sense at all. I have never told an employer, the DMV or anyone about my being an addict, That is PRIVATE information, the only way you need to tell anyone is if you are appling for a job that is highly sensative, like if you want to be a stock broker, you have to tell about anytime youhave been arrested. And what makes you think that suboxone is easier that heroin, vicodin, heroin and or anyother opiate? I have kicked every opiate there is, and suboxone is one of the worst, it doesnt even hit you for at least 2 days. then all Hell breaks lose.. To the poster who was denied the right to be given medicine while in jail. Read the Americans with Disabilty act, It is illegal to take away any prescribed medication while incarserated. Whoever denied you the suboxone was practicing medicine w/o a lisense..If I were you, I would have filed a lawsuit.To the poster who cant seem to stop takeing the suboxone, have your doctor help you. It will be very hard for you to s tay clean without tapering down the suboxone.To the poster that was helped with suboxone for your dependence on opiates You have a great doctor, Suboxone is the best way for you, because you arent an addict, you just got dependent on the medication you had to take, To the last poster. Thank you for your post.. You are right.. Suboxone isnt a drug to play with,, When I walked offf of Suboxone I thought I was going rto die. To the posters who have demonised methadone on this thread, youi are not doctors, so give your experiences, but dont play doctor, and dont scare people who ask for your help.You may scare someone who could have been helped


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suzie Says:
Suboxone has been a wonder drug for me. It really takes away all side effects, I have done cold turkey, which was a hell that lasted 2 weeks and i can't do that again. So the second time i found myself in this situation, i went online to Suboxone.com and found a doctor in my area and emailed serveral of them. I got immediate calls back and was able to see a doctor the next day. Now, it isnt cheap. And insurance doesnt pay for it. I think between the visit and the pills it was roughly 300.00. But, when you think about what the drugs cost, you may as well spend it on Sub. That drug has been a miracle for me. I would encourage anyone to try that.

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