What Does Soma Pill Look Like From Mexico


White chalky pill with a drawing that looks kind of like if it has an elephant trunk with lines going thru it and tall hair with lines going thru it. It almost resembles the emergency emblem and it's blank on the other side. I bought it in Mexico. I ask for somas. I usually go there. I live close and never had any problem with any of their medication. I took it and didn't really feel much effect. Although I've been taking the generic for awhile. I have fibromyalga and it helps, but the doctor does not give me enough. Anyways, I thought the pill looks kind of weird, what do you think?

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I suggest you should go somewhere else?

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Thanks eddy , think I'll pass on those pills

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Took the soma bought from Mexico , felt nausea , gave it another try and few days later , felt nausea, so I am not taking those pills anymore !

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