What Does A 15mg Oxycodone Look Like

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white pill with m inside a square and 15 on the other side

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Verwon Says:

Is it round and possible a very pale green that looks almost white?

If so, then it is 15mgs of Oxycodone, a generic for Roxicodone, this is a narcotic pain reliever.

Common side effects include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

You can read more here:


Is there anything else I can help you with?

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angie Says:

has anyone seen the new oxycodone 15mg green and white capsules? there are no markings but when you open it up it is blue powder. very light blue

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Tamara Bayne Says:

I found a pill a small round not light green yet not dark green that has the markings A 214. What is this pill? The powder inside is shade of green as well. I am not sure but I think my teen age daughter may be on something - please help.

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Sally Says:

@tamara that is 15mg oxycodone manufactured by actavis

All 15mg oxycodone pills are green, sometimes a pastel green and sometimes very pale green. Engravings depend on manufacturer. Mallinkrodt (sp?) has a M in a square on one side and a 15 with a score on the other. Actavis is blank on one side with A 214 with a score on the other. Qualitests have a fancy v on one side and 48 11 with a vertica score on the other.

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Dr Drew Says:

Yes you are right that is generic Oxycodone / roxycodone. Which is basically heroine in pill form. It's a opiate and is highly addictive I would find where she got them. Most teens find pills at friends and home in your medicene cabinet left over from being sick or Hurt. 15mg is a high dose and deadly doses are 120-300mg daily depending on how long and how much you have been taking. The withdrawn is horrible Anxiety anger diarrhea Not eating Dehydrated throwing up. Most teens abuse these pills in a number of different ways. Look on there arms to see if u see small red bumps in groups like scars track marks if they shoot it up. Black stuff on their face and a straw and dirty tinfoil if they smoke it, and powered up if they are snoring it. Anyway this is serious is the next step is taking too much over time the high is less they take more then too much because they don't have a doctor telling how and what to do and then death or Graduating to the needle and heroine.

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Lana Says:

I have found a little blue pill with 15 on one side and "on"underlined on the other side, please tell what this can be.

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lala Says:

Lil round white pill m w box around it 15 on other side

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tra Says:

Blue pill with a and 15 on one side

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Charlie99 Says:

That COULD be a 15mg oxycodone pill- but the reason I say "could" is because from what I understand that is one of the highly counterfeit kinds- as in fake (A/214)....the problem is that when people make fake ones they will put other illegal drugs mixed into it so that people still feel a high from them and believe them to be a narcotic- the majority of those fake pills are easily identified (if you know what to look for....), because of the other drug content they will often have darker spots, partially pressed numbers/letters, rough or crumbling edges, or are far off from the actual manufacturer color (inside should match the outside). There are others that are very difficult to identify, but from what I have read these are usually made outside the US and imported- they are not so much "fake", but contain far less of the actual medication (in order to increase profit), and contain various fillers that are not FDA approved or used in the US. I read a forum a while back that mentioned some oxy 30 mg "M's" going around that were fake- it very much alarmed me because I had never heard of any of the M's or V imprinted ones as being counterfeit- and the pharmacy I used had been giving those ones to me for a few months about a year prior.....then they suddenly changed manufacturers to the K's. I saw a forum that mentioned these fakes making their way into some US pharmacies, and I'm now wondering if some had heard of these fakes going around and decided to avoid any possible contamination by changing their own distributor. But the fact that there's even a possibility of obtaining anything that is potentially harmful from our own pharmacies with our own prescriptions is very frightening to me!!! I had previously thought that as long as I only took what I got from my own pharmacy I would always be okay- seems like that could not be the case anymore!!! If you can post a very good pic I may be able to tell what they are. But I hope at the very least your daughter is only experimenting with some narcotics and it does not have any more harmful illegal substance in them- but definitely find out and educate her about the risks associated with taking unknown pills and how they may not contain what she thinks.....I had a friend who was very familiar with taking oxy and could easily take an entire 30mg at once without it even affecting her, take one she got from a friend and even looked it up on the internet which said it was just Roxicodone (same- brand name), so she took it and as soon as she did she was unconscious!!! Then she spent the next 24hrs vomiting violently. It was very scary, and I truly wish that people making/selling/distributing all these fake pills containing extremely harmful drugs in unmeasured amounts, be caught and prosecuted for 1st degree manslaughter.

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Amy Says:

I have a light green pill with a single mark on one side that looks like half of a cursive capital M on it. I was told it was an Oxycontin (oxycodone) 15mg pill. It was also scored. What is this?

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McBoo002 Says:

Re: Amy (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Amy! I saw this and felt very compelled to reply here because what you're describing is either just simply not being described in all of its detail OR it could very well be a different medication than you think it is, or even worse could be a fake. If this is expected to be an Oxycodone pill then it should be a light-ish green color with a boxed-in capital M on one side, and the numbers 15 on the other. The side with the number 15 should also have a score/horizontal line down the middle of the pill and the number will be printed right above that. If this is Oxycodone it should also look professionally pressed. The lines and numbers should be symmetrical and not have any error visible. You can compare the actual print, even small differences like a number 1 that is just a straight line up and down rather than a line with a dash on top and a linear platform at the bottom can be a sign that the pill is counterfeit. When it comes from the manufacturer every single pill will look the same because they've used the same very professional pill print. But nowadays people can purchase the pill imprint tool and usually the print is at least slightly different. It may also look a bit sloppy, like it was pressed in too hard or not hard enough or it might look like it's crumbling a little, or it's not perfectly centered. It could all even look totally fine except that it just doesn't quite match the other pills, like they have just very very slight variations. Aside from the actual print here are the things you want to look for (and PLEASE everyone listen up, this could literally SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!) If you get your medication ANYWHERE other than your pharmacy, and even sometimes then, here are the steps to be safe and keep your LIFE a propriety!:

1) Always look up the markings first and foremost. Compare not just the letters, numbers and placement, but also compare exact color and hue, whether or not there are speckles present, shape and size and thickness, etc. For example please take note if your pill looks much thicker or thinner than it says it should per the manufacturer. Also, watch for whether or not it should (and does) have a shiny looking coat and/or whether it should (and does) have a ledge or ridge around the edge. Some brands have this and some don't. If the company says that your pill should have a clearly prominent ridge/ledge around the whole pill and yours is smooth and rounded out as can be, that's a good sign to PLEASE proceed very cautiously!!!

2) Check the pill's willingness/ability to dissolve in water. You don't have to waste a whole pill doing this. If it is INCREDIBLY easy to break apart, it is most likely a fake. It should NOT turn to instant powder. It should be somewhat hard to break, especially if you're merely squashing the whole pill at once. A few other tactics - just try cutting the pill in half with a knife as if you were going to take half. Right away you should notice if the knife goes straight through and the pill almost falls apart underneath the knife and remnants of it are basically turning to ash immediately. Also, although much rarer, it is possible the pill could be way too hard and might barely break apart at all. But more often than not a fake pill will crumble and turn to powdered sugar consistency. This is because these pills are made/laced with Fentanyl which has a much more loose and powdery consistency than Oxy. You can also put some of the pill into a little bit of water (or put a little bit on your tongue if you're comfortable doing that). Take a tiny piece and put it into a clear container of a tiny bit of water so you can see what the pill does. Fentanyl will IMMEDIATELY dissolve, to a point of being totally invisible with zero trace it was ever there, literally within the count of 30 seconds or less. Real Oxycodone will take longer to dissolve. The outside of the pill may start to fall apart and float away, but it will keep its original shape for much longer, several minutes.

3) TASTE IT! Once it has been broken up properly (if it crumbled into immediate powder I wouldn't trust it even for tasting, but if it passes the first 2 evaluations then move onto the next). Take a little crumb on your finger tip and taste just on the tip of your tongue. It should taste bitter but not overly so. If it tastes like absolutely nothing OR like a strong soap or very bitter and otherwise unfamiliar flavor then DON'T take it. Fentanyl does not have any taste but they are learning more and more how to disguise it so they are adding that bitter flavor artificially.

4) How it makes you feel: If for some crazy reason a fake Fentanyl pill passes all these evaluations and you take it anyway, you will most likely FEEL the difference for sure. Fentanyl is EXTREMELY dangerous! Just one little bit could be fatal. I recommend anytime you're taking something new you do it WITH another person present and make sure they know the symptoms to look for in case of an overdose. Also, if you take any opiates at all it is worth getting a dose of Narcane in case of an overdose. I've seen someone's life saved with Narcane before and let me tell you it's a freaking miracle drug!!!! Totally worth having on hand!!!

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