What Causes A False Positive For Alcohol

Blake Says:

I recently took a ETG for probation and failed for alcohol and I haven't drank at all. What can cause me to test positive for alcohol?

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Trouble Says:

What gives me a false positive for alcohol after five hours? I take prednisone, loratadine, botox, oxycontin, oxycodone and neurontin. It was after five hours when I got screened. Thank you in advance! Have a great weekend!

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manuel Says:

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all those are pain killers i would recommmend botox or vit b

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Fearful Says:

Does hydrocodone cause etg false positive for alcohol, I am also on Valium and Prednisone, Lexapro, escitalopram, Cymbalta
And amiodipine- benazazepril (Lotrel)....answer asap please. Thanks

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