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Can i take klonopin with methadone? This is my first time taking methadone they are 10mg but my klonopin I take about 50mg

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Riley Says:

You CAN NOT mix methadone and klonopin !! Not on high doses such as that. It can cause respiratory failure. I could get into the medical explanation of it, yet it would be much more beneficial and correct for you to look it up....the effects of mixing methadone(any opiate really) with klonopin(benzos) Just be safe and research or ASK YOUR DR!!!!

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Chloe Says:

I have absolutely never ever heard of anyone in my life being on 50 mg of Klonopin. Are u sure that is the dose you take or is that your methadone dose? And u take 10 mg of Klonopin? I currently take 1 mg of Klonopin and I am allowed up to 3 pills a day, so 3 mg a day. I used to be on Valium 5 mg 3 x a day, but I definitely like the Klonopin way better. It lasts way longer. I am currently next in line to be put on Methadone on a 200 person waiting list. I have been on it since April of this year, and I was so happy when I called and found out that I will be on it by next month (Sept). I am a long time prescription pain killer opiate addict and also about a year for heroin addictionl. Does anyone have any idea what my chances are for remaining on the Klonopin? And if yes, what could my possible starting doseage be for the Methadone, and if it is a liquid, does anyone know what the normal flavor is? I sure hope it isn't orange, because I gag on that s***. I think my Mother overdid it with the St Josephs Baby Aspirin when I was a kid, LOL

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tony Says:

i go to a methadone clinic and take 59mgs and i am on 1mg of klonopins 2xa day.rules at my clinic are you are allowed to stay on benzo's but you wont be allowed any take homes.so i have to go everyday mon-sat to dose.however if i quit the benzo's then i would gain take homes and only have to come in twice a month.just letting you no thats how my methadone clinic works i dont think they can make you stop if you dont want to,but you just wont get other privileges.does this help you at all?

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willie morris Says:

My friend do you want to Die? If you take both pills at once you are trying to kill yourself. Please be very careful.My friend Died from doing. the same thing your doing

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Devin Says:

Umm how the funk would he die? I am on 60 MG of methadone & i was just prescribed 10MG valium twice a day again which i was prescribed a long time ago. My clinic says u cant b on higher than 39 while on benzos of any kind, some people on the internet are like you, saying a person will " DIE OMG Pl0x3rz!?!?" WTF is the truth about this? I hope you stop scaring people so that they get off the medication that could be making there lives much better, its not cool. If its true on the other hand thats different.. thoooo i dont really know wtf the truth is on this subject, i mean my doc knew i was on methadone we talked about it for several minutes b4 he wrote me my first script which was valium. I am 19 years old, married with 2 kids. I am 5'7 at about 160 lbs , are you saying im gonna die?.... if so, can ya show me a link that i may research?

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jkdw Says:

I was taking xanax, 2mg bid, then switched to balium 10mg tid and 30 @bedtime. I was also prescribed mrthsdpn 10mg tid. I almost died aftethe 2.were combined. I was in a coma for.6.days. It is true that it is EXTREMELY.dangerous. Please, be very careful if you HAVE to take anxiety meds. Buspar.is an alternative anxiety med that is not a benzo

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Melissa J Says:
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I have seen SOOOO many people take pleasure in getting ON methadone and mixing it with Xanax, kolonophin, and Valium. I too, was on methadone for 8 mths for pain, I specifically asked my doc to take me off it, but because I had to wean off, he kept my dose the same. I never went to two or three diff docs, that is dangerous and dumb. Although my mother in law DID. She got a new doc to change her from Lottab 10 to Methadone. She was already on Valium BUT didnt tell him that. My mom got her methadone on Tuesday, November 18, 2008. She died Friday, November 21st 2008. From cardiac arrest and rrespitory failure. My son had no idea she was dying as he watched her "nod off to sleep"....this pushed my own need to get off the evil medicine. Since my doc couldn't take it seriously, I found a clinic to place me on immediate suboxone treatment and I finished that in 9 months. Now Aleve works for my pain, I still have ALL my white teeth and healthy as ever! I would never willingly take dones and I was only on 30mg per day. I see the lines on Mondays to those clinics and my heart hurts for everyone waiting...docs make it too easy for people to get that crap but somehow ppl convenience them they "need" em. Your best bet is to try and stop looking for the best "cocktail" to heighten your high and get detox. Those clinics with the pink syrup waiting you every day don't show you how crazy folks look as they nod off into another realm on that junk. I'd better "waste" my week mornings at 8am having breakfast with my sweet child than wait in line impatiently for a killer...when it happens to someone next to you, maybe it will open your eyes. Always research everything you put in your precious body. God gave you one life...it's a gift. Don't waste it on that drugged out state. Make it worthwhile doll...

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Kate C Says:

Hello Melissa J.

First off , I want to say that I am very sorry that happened to your mother in law. It is very sad and I am sure that has been hard for you and your family. Again, I am very sorry.

But the main reason for my response is to tell you and whoever out there that is reading this, possibly the next person waiting in line for that "pink syrup", that that "crap" saved my life.

I am not saying that you are wrong for thinking and saying what you said. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What I am saying though, is that everyone is different. Methadone may not have worked for you, but it is a gift for many others.

You say you would rather spend a morning with your beautiful child instead of standing in line at a clinic. Some of us stand in that line because that is the only way we are allowed to spend that day with our child. This program allows us to get our lives back, to love ourselves once again, and in time, love others and earn the trust back we've lost from our loved ones. It's like a new start. Anyone out there in recovery can relate, I'm sure.

Nobody on God's great earth is perfect, we all face demons at one point in our lives and we deal with them differently.

I have been on methadone now for almost four years. I tried suboxone. It didn't work for me. I am happy it worked for you. You have tackled the one thing that I am very, very scared of .... Detox. Again, we are all different. No two of us are the same. Taking methadone, along with extensive counseling and many, many group meetings, is the reason I am sober today.

As for the person who originally posted the question, whatever clinic you are going to will have the final decision on what and how much of any medication you take. This includes benzo's, other prescription medications, over the counter meds, and even vitamins. The doctor there will also have final say on how much your dose is increased to. That is how my clinic does things so I would imagine yours should be somewhat close to that.

In closing, I wish you the best in your recovery! It's a lifelong process ... but you're headed in the right direction.

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Vick Says:

Can someone explain exactly what methadone is and what it's used for. I always thought it was to help people get off heroin but is it also used to get off any opioids? I read about people being on it for years. Does it take years to detox the opioid? Are some people on it to get high or does it even get you high? I am on oxycodone and I struggle making it through the month without running out because I take extra when my back pain gets severe and the 3 tabs I take don't help. Can someone give me the low down on everything they know about methadone please if you have time. Thanks

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Vick Says:

This is Vick again and just posted a question about methadone and forgot to ask this question. Is methadone prescribed for pain as well as withdrawal?

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RN Says:
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Yes methadone is prescribed for pain and also opioid detox ie: pain killers like oxycodone & all opiate medicines! Depending on how much you take each day though switching to methadone may be a bad decision because it is very hard to get off of or it could be the best decision of your life just depends on if your going to use it for pain or if your using it to detox from painkillers! If you only take little amounts of the oxycodone I would talk to my doctor first about what other opiates you can take maybe something for break through pain to help with the oxycodone! Also I would talk to the doctor about trying the suboxone / subutex first before methadone if you are try to detox because its not as hard to get off of when compared to methadone!

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Mimi Says:
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I can understand everything about your story, I was on 50mg of methadone. I decided to detox. I'm now down to 15mg and going through all kinds of painful aggregating things. Not getting any sleep. But I'm still hanging in there. But what I'm trying to find out is that a friend of mine told me that I should try taking a 1mg klonopin to help. I have tried researching this but I'm getting all kinds of conflicting answers. If you may know if this will help please respond. Thanks

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21stCenturySchizoidMan Says:

Hi there Mimi! You have a very important question there, and one which I "might" be able to help you with.

Generally, staff members at Methadone clinics frown on taking klonipin, because of the "possibility" of a synergistic effect that would result in falling asleep and never awakening.

However, given that, they will allow it, IF it a small dose (like, say, .5mg-1mg/day) AND if your methadone dose is very small, like, under 50 or so.

I personally am at 70 mg, and strongly wish to just leave the clinic because I'm getting sick of having to drive over there EVERY single day for 5 months now.

I suggested to my therapist that I would just quit completely at 70, and take my mom's 2mg Klonipin tablets + a few 5/325 Vicodins every day until the withdrawal symptoms come to an end. Needless to say, he recommended against that idea, and told me that I'm just "feeding my 'drug-seeking behavior'".......dumb.

Also, I am a long-time beer drinker, and occasionally (like this afternoon for example), I will take 4mg of my mom's klonipin to battle the desire for beer.

I just woke up about an hour ago after doing this, and slept good for about 6 hours, but felt a little frightened at the thought that I might have died.

But a good rule of thumb is, if you fall asleep, and DREAM, then you know that aren't going to die....at least not THAT day......ha!

Hope this helps.

p.s. I don't know how actual medical doctors approach this situation, since I have only taken "methadone" from an actual "substance abuse clinic"...sorry.

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Jay Says:
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Well Chloe, she meant .50 milligram klonopin. Half of a 1 milligram klonopin. I think we all know. There is no 50mg klonopin. The highest dose of klonopin is 2 milligrams.

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LarryS Says:
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I diffinetly feel for your loss. The loss of a loved one us always tragic. However, it would appear there is some fault on the patient for not telling her doctor about her other medication(s). All narcotics are powerful medications and that is why your doctor needs to know about everything you take. It can take just one pill to push you over the limit. A prime example is I suffered Sudden Cardiac Death from an antidepressant I had been on for 2 years when my physician instructed me to increase my dose. Just one more pill was enough to push me over the limit and stop my heart. Even though it was still within the recommended therapeutic range it was still to much for me. Fortunately, my wife was near and heard a strange sound (me collapsing) and came to investigate. She she found me in my chair with arms to the side, my head tilted back and my eyes wide open. She said she could tell I was dead from the emptiness in my eyes. She immediately dragged me to the floor, checked for a carotid pulse and then started CPR and called 911. Thankfully she was able to revive me before the EMTs arrived as it took them 10 minutes. Many kinds of medication can kill you and not just the strong narcotic pain relievers. I am currently on 160mg Methadone and 180mg Oxycodone daily for severe chronic pain from falling down a flight of stairs 21 years ago. Methadone is a good medication if used properly. I know even though I have been on it for over 15 years, one more pill could be enough to push me over the limit. So I am very careful to not take medications not prescribed and to tell my physician everything I am currently taking. Even though I am a physician, I follow what my Chronic Pain Physician tells me as this is his speciality and he knows best. Once again, I am sorry. I hope you have a very blessed day.

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Tony Says:
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I was on methadone for 3 years thru a private clinic in Chicago. Also got 80mg. Ritalin from doc there. The clinics philosophy on increases is if u feel like getting high your dose is to low. I liked the high of methadone but it went away quickly so I constantly asked for increases. Well bottom line after 3 years just before I decided to come off I was at 720mg. a day. Some at this clinic were on higher doses. As long as u paid your bill...and it was astronomical...U were ok. Hard to believe but true. This was in the late 90's.

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Ginger Says:
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Re: Melissa J (# 7)

U don't have to convince any Dr, most r just like "here take this", and onto the next patients. An actual Dr is the one who convinced me I needed Percocet and tramadol. And now guess what, I'm one of those people ur heart hurts for. I went to the Dr with a pain in my chest and back, after I had my first daughter. Well, 4 months later found out it was gallstones. So many I about died and had 3 different surgeries during a 3 week hospital stay. The ER dr found them. Anyway, I went back to my dr and told him my pain is gone, but im having weird flu-like symptoms so he gave tramadol, and lortab. My nieve ass said ok, took that for 5 years, got pregnant, quit my med and got sick "flu-like symptoms ×10". I miscarried and did that 3 more times. Well I got pregnant again, called my obgyn and he said to come in immediately. So I did. He said, no honey, u will lose the baby if u just stop the medication as the baby can't handle that. So he sent me to the clinic. I cried everyday because I was taking methadone while pregnant. I had my second daughter and everything was fine. I went home. She is now 6y/o. I just had a little boy almost 2 years ago and he is fine. But my first daughter I didn't even take Tylenol with has an intellectual disability and ODD and ASD, go figure. But ive never done illicit drugs. I have had cannabis before as a teen but not an avid smoker, lol. I dont even drink alcohol.

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