West-ward White Oval Pill With 252 On It (Top voted first)

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white oval pill w/ west ward on it along with the number 252 at bottom of pill. it's a caplet

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Brian Says:

It Is Robaxin, used to treat skeletal muscle conditions such as pain or injury aka Methocarbamol. Pretty strong and prescription only.

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loretta corns Says:

white oval shape pill says west ward 252 on it what is it?

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Verwon Says:

I am sorry, this is not listed in any of the US prescription drug databases, it is possibly something available over the counter, or perhaps something that has been discontinued so it is no longer actively listed.

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inquiring mom Says:

white oblong tablet imprinted with west-ward 252 on one side. Can anyone ID?

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mars landing Says:

this is a terrible muscle relaxer unless you have a very low tolerance to medications. For true relief try soma (the generic carisopridol works just as well) but be careful as they will relax ALL of your muscles, resulting in lethargy and mumbled speech--make sure you are in a safe environment--like bed

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Lois Says:

those are hard to get many more.sorry I meant Florida North Florida my residents

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evrywind Says:

are you sure the 252 isnt 292 find the image of a 750mgl WEST-WARD 292 (Methocarbamol 750 mg) Pill imprint WEST-WARD 292

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Rla Says:

It's methocarbamol and it's 750 mg and it's a muscle relaxer.

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