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pattie Says:

Im a 53 year old woman who was hit head on by a drunk driver many years ago. I've had physical therapy 4neck surgeries with pin and plates even went so far as having a electric stimulater put in my back. i have tried it all. I have degenerative disc disease and at this point have no life because im in constant pain. arthritis has set in. ive tried over the counter med ultram you name it. docs in my area are afraid to write pain meds like lortab because of the people who have abused these meds. now the ones off us whom truly need it are suffering. ive had it. I cannot go on like this any longer. I would rather be dead than to lay on my couch everyday and suffer. I am unable to even take a walk in the park. I cant even turn my neck. ive went to ozturk. he has gave me spinal shots while awake and got angry with me because I cried. my insurance does not cover being put to sleep for a needle 3ft log to go in my spine. im tired off explaining to doctors my whole pain story but now I can see why people go through other means to get pills for relief, not that I would. I am a christian. I need help. This is no way to live and for that drunk whom never got a scratch on him and spent only one night in jail I hope your happy with yourself.

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Sinsoith Says:

I understand your frustration! Im so sorry to hear what you have been through. I too have degeneritive disc, spondylosis, and osteoarthritis. I have only seen 3 pain drs in 20 years and that was only because i moved...yet drs still treat me like i am dr. Shopping. I have had physcial therapy...chiropractic care...spinal injections...plasma replacement therapy...electotherapy...you name it i tried it. I have seen neurosurgeons twice and they both say i am too young for spinal fusion so my only option is pain meds. So many people have abused the meds that for us who need it we are made to feel ashamed. But i simply cannot live without it. Not because i am addicted but because i am in severe pain without it. i am in ky. I really hope you find a good dr that can help you. You should never have to deal with a Dr that gets mad at you for crying. ..the shots are very painful. Good luck to you.

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Shawn Says:

I am new to this site and I have been trying to find a Dr. for almost 8 months now in West Virginia. The Dr. I am seeing has dropped my medicine so far down that I am completely bedridden. I have been through a total of 10 back surgeries, 6 of which were all on the L5/S1 and 4 were fusions that didn't take and have been fused from the L2/3 all the way down my back. I have fibromyalgia, siatica, degenerative disc disease and failed back syndrome along with arthritis in my spine and in both hips. I was on oxymorphone 30 mgs 3xs daily and oxycodone 30 mgs 4xs daily for breakthrough. My last surgery failed badly and I now have a herniated disc at the L2/3 where it was just fused. The pain doctor I have been seeing for the last 6 months has dropped me every month. Now I am just on oxymorphone 10 2xs daily and oxycodone 10 4xs daily. I have lost all of my quality of life. I am pretty much bedridden and have trouble even making it to my bathroom which is 15 feet from my bed. I am slowly losing hope here. I have 2 preteen children that I don't have much of a life with anymore due to my condition and the Dr. dropping my medicine like he has. I just had a MRI showing there is damage from top to bottom of my back to say it the easiest way. If there is anyone who can help me out, I am in desperate need of a Dr. who is looking out for my best interest and if anyone can or could give me any advice please do so. {edited for privacy}. I have been trying for a while now to find somebody to give me at least half the life I had before and everyone knows if you have dealt with back pain how hard it is to get around. I am also a diabetic with neuropathy and have restless leg syndrome which someone put on here that they have that also. I have the very best thing that worked for me; it is clonazepam .5 mgs. I take 2 every night before I go to bed and it works wonders. When I didn't have that medicine it felt like somebody was ripping my muscle right from my bone and gave me severe charlie horses. If anybody can help it would be so much appreciated. I would love to have my life back to the point where I can do things with my children before I lose that also. Time goes by way too fast and I don't want to lose anymore than what I can with them. Thank you so very much...

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