Watson 583

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round white scored tablet with watson 583 on front

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randolf Says:

Propafenone 225 mg.
It is used for treating an irregular heartbeat and helping maintain a normal heart rhythm in patients without structural heart disease.

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your name here Says:

i was given this because i told my mom i had a headache because my bottom two wisdom teeth are coming in, then i decided to look it up online to see what it was...bad choice i should have looked it up before i took it...and it gave me a fever and dizzy blurred vision...i only took half...i have what the doctor calls an innocent heart murmur and was wondering if having this would affect the taking of this medication

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VerFree Says:

If you have a murmur, you should definitely not take this medication without a doctor's approval, and supervision. While taking half a tablet once isn't likely to be harmful, there is still a slight risk.

The dizziness, and blurry vision can be normal side effects of Proprafenone, along with nausea, headache, and anxiety.

How are you feeling, now? Are you on any other medications?

Make sure to inform your doctor that you took this.

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