Want To Gain Weight 10kg With In 3 Months

sai Says:

hi I am 21yrs old girl now my weight is only 36.3kg I look so skinny girl I consult some doctor they advice don't feel for that after marriage you will gain weight and they told that this your genetic reasons .I had taken some blood test to know the level nutrition in my body but the report is normal but whatever maybe it's a genetic reason or anyother thing, I want to gain weight 10kg with in 3 moths please help me to gain weight please. one question whether it is a genetic reason there is no possible to gain wait?

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rahul Says:

Mra wait 42 kg h age 20 main apna wait kse bdau

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durga Says:

Hi am 21yrs old, 5'5height and weight 35kg. I want to increase my weight pleace help me.

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