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Ryan Says:

I am hearing that Walgreens is putting a 24-48 hour hold on My ADHD Medication, Adderall. If I could afford Vyvanse I would prefer to be prescribed them but I can't. I have been getting the generic Adderall for over two years now and I was prescribed them 20 years ago in High School. I am curious to know if it is true and why? If my date on my script is the day of fill why would I have to wait until one or two days without them?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Ryan! How are you?

Have you actually been told this by someone in the Walgreen's pharmacy or is it just a rumor you've heard?

I haven't heard anything about this and see no reason for them to do so, unless they have to order the medication in, or contact the doctor to ensure that it's valid.

Does anyone else know anything about this?

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Darcy Says:

I am prescribed 30mg adderall IR 2 times a day and 20mg ir. If my doc writes this month's script for Adderall 30mg XR two times a day and 20mg IR as a booster, would the XR script be able to be filled prior to 30 days from last fill?

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haley Says:

This is TRUE. I'm SO pissed about this, too. I went to fill my script for generic Adderall today - same Walgreens I've been going to for refills for over 4 years - & today they say that 2 weeks ago, Walgreens issued a "new policy" - which they of course informed NO ONE about - that says they have to call your doctor & TALK to your doctor - as if doctors are just sitting around for pharmacies to talk to - & then the doctor has to fill out a form for Walgreens that says what your diagnosis is, why you're prescribed Adderall, & what your treatment plan is. In other words, Walgreens thinks THEY have the right to check up on the DOCTOR to make sure the DOCTOR is doing his/her job!!!! Not to mention this violates all kinds of doctor/patient confidentiality laws! WHO THE HELL DOES WALGREENS THINK THEY ARE?!? The pharmacist shmuck had the nerve to lie to me today & tell me that the DEA directly ordered Walgreens to do this (since no other pharmacy has this God-complex where they feel they have the right to make sure the DOCTOR is doing the right thing). I don't get this - & I will NEVER go to Walgreens again now. Pharmacists are there to take the little blue paper, read the name & # of pills, & dole them out from a big bottle to a little bottle & THAT'S IT. I am SO furious right now - Walgreens is the only place around me that has what I need (I have no idea why) & now I'm completely out of my meds & won't have any until at least next week b/c they think they're the gods of who gets what medicine, & why. I seriously hate them. So YES, to answer your question - Walgreens DOES do this now, & they actually FEEL JUSTIFIED DOING SO.

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BL Says:

They are doing to ADHD patients what they have already done to chronic pain patients. I had a feeling this was coming. Other pharmacys will follow, unfortunately.

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Skipper Says:

They do me the same way. My friend has no problems getting generic adderall. They said maybe I could get a different script for another strength or brand!!! Three months now nothing! Yet hers is filled on time every time. Sure wish I knew what was going on.

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Skipper Says:

They do this to me as well. I started calling it in a couple of days early because they usually took at least 2 days to fill & notify me. But the date on the script is the day the Dr called it in, always. ??.

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Skipper Says:

Re: haley (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Oh my! OK I know something is up with mine. They haven't been able to give me but just a Partial fill. But every time now, they can't get the remainder, I have to get a new script. YET a friend of mine has had zero problems. Seem very suspicious to me. I've been using them for years. Plus I purchase a lot of store item's. Guess I need to find a new pharmacy. I tried one but the generic made me sick. Heart races. Vomiting sometimes. And they don't work at ALL. I'm afraid I will lose my job. This is ridiculous. They have NO RIGHT to my personal health records. None! They aren't Drs and most Drs don't appreciate a pharmacist quizzing them or second guessing them!!! NOT AT ALL!!! Hope they don't suggest that crap to me. I will be checking into contacting proper authorities to see what can be done.

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