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I am taking this vit. @50,ooo Units aweek, why would my Dr, want me to take this dosage for 5 wks?

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Sally Magni Says:

My physician ordered this high dose because my blood reading was low AND a CT scan revealed Osteoporosis of my spine..... I had no symptoms . I was told the pills would merely stop farther erosion of the spine but would not cure present condition. Was also told it was important to have plenty of Calcium to help absorption of the Vitamin D., which my diet already contained,

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Kerri Knox RN Says:

You should ask your doctor if he did a vitamin d level. While that dosage is a 'normal' dose to treat deficiency, unless you have a vitamin d level, that amount of vitamin d may not be nearly enough! You may need FAR more vitamin d in order to correct a vitamin d deficiency, but unless you get a vitamin d level, there is simply no way of knowing. Giving high doses of vitamin d without doing a vitamin d level is also not the appropriate 'standard of care' for a doctor to follow either.

Also, after your 5 weeks of being on the 50,000 IU's per week, your doctor should have recommended a daily dose in order to maintain your higher levels. If he did not, you should ask him. Giving you a regimen of high dose vitamin d for 5 weeks without a maintenance dose is a worthless and silly practice. You need vitamin d for the rest of your life, and if you are deficient now, then you are not getting enough sun or vitamin d in your diet and need a daily dose. Ask your doctor.

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VerFree Says:

It is a supplement used to treat, or prevent a deficiency in it, it is also often recommended for women who are at danger of suffering bone loss, or who have a condition that may make them more probe to fractures/breaks.

It can sometimes cause nausea, and constipation, as side effects in high doses, according to FDA reports.

Did your doctor test your levels or say you have any concerning medical issues? Are you in perimenopause, or menopause?

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