Vitamin E Capsule Evion Forte Side Effects

srj Says:

Sir I have been taking evion forte and lycolyfe cap from 15 days. And from yesterday onwards iam feeling missed pulse . So I stoped taking these caps. Took ecg and my doc said its normal. Is these tabs really cause missed beats ??? Or im having any cardiac problems ?

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nishant verma Says:

plz suggest to me best cap.for glowing skin i m taking now cute e 400

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Verwon Says:

What we often feel are missed beats are actually just palpitations, which in most cases are not dangerous, Thus, if your doctor said there is nothing to worry about, you should relax and not worry about it, unless they become very severe. I've experienced this myself, so I know they can be alarming, but as I also discovered, in most cases, they are harmless according to NIH studies.

Nishant, there is not specific supplement that I can suggest. Sometimes, we just have to live with the skin we were born with. Are you on any other medications?

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