Viginal Itchiness

zimmie Says:

Hi doctor
I'm having a big problem with my vigina its so itchy and I've got unbearable abdominal pains I did consult my gynae he said I have uterus infection and prescribed Antibiotics but now the problem doesn't go away. I also noticed that I have white discharge and my vigina is red!
What could be wrong here

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Zimmie! How are you?

If you have itching, redness and a white discharge, after finishing the antibiotics, there's a chance that they may have caused a yeast infection.

You need to go see the gynecologist, again, so they can check it out for you and prescribe the proper medication, if necessary.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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zimmie Says:

Thank you
I went to the chemist and they prescribed Canex V, Probiotics and Pyridium but I've noticed this meds turn my urinate into a orange colour is that good or bad?

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