Viberzi And Joint Pain


I have been having hip joint pain for many years. After I started taking Viberzi 100 mg twice a day within a couple of days my hip pain increased from a bearable 5 on the 0-10 pain scale to a 9 which would wake me up in the middle of the night and my normal dose of my narcotic pain medications would not touch it so I had to take a whole day worth of pain medications just to bring it down to like 6/7. I take Opana ER 20 mg and Percocet 10/325 (3 tablets a day). I normally take 1 Opana ER an hour before bed and one when I get up in the morning and all three Percocet around 2:00 pm. Before taking Viberzi that was enough to control my hip pain and other pain to a certain extent but my pain wasn't under enough control. So my doctor increased the Opana ER to 30 mg. So I stopped taking the Viberzi three days ago and I just got my new prescription for Opana ER yesterday and taking the first dose last night and finally I was able to sleep through the night. I believe it was the Viberzi causing the increased pain because even taking two Opana ER 20 mg before bed my hip pain wasn't under control so after a few days off of Viberzi it is finally better. The Viberzi help with my IBS but my insurance doesn't cover it. I was given a 30 days free sample so I had to stop it anyway. So three weeks of the increased pain wasn't worth the benefit I was getting from this medicine. So I'm wondering if anyone else was having any joint pain or increased joint pain while on Viberzi? It could be affecting how my narcotic pain medications were working because Viberzi is an opioid receptor antagonist medication. So I'm not sure if it affected how the opioid pain medications worked in my brain and intestinal tract. So if anyone has any experience with this medicine affecting how opioids pain medications work that would be great. I finally had relief from the IBS- diarrhea, but if it's going to make my hip joint pain that intense I'll just take my other prescription diarrhea medication. I went three weeks waking up in severe pain worse then when I broke my arm and barely getting any sleep.

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As reported by the FDA, this medication has been known to cause muscle aches as a side effect, you may also experience nausea, abdominal pain and sore throat.

However, taking it with opiates usually causes an increase in the amount of both of them that you absorb, but there's never any way to predict how any given medication will actually effect any given person that tries it, unfortunately.

Can anyone else that's tried Viberzi chime in with their experiences?

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I started Viberzi a couple weeks ago and have experienced more pain in various places in my body. Mostly arthritic like pain in joints. I suffer from neuropathy in legs and feet post chemotherapy and that has worsened with the new symptom of restless leg. It seems to interact with a lot of commonly used meds so it's like trying to figure out which ones might be the problem. I was fine on the meds before and had been taking them for a number of years. I also feel more energetic with almost a jitteriness feeling. I'm suspecting Wellbutrin + Viberzi might be the culprit but not certain. Problem is I only take 100 mg Wellbutrin in the morning and that's it for the day. I have trouble falling to sleep and legs aren't helping that either. The Viberzi seems to be working but I have cut dose to 1/2 of the 100mg tab twice daily as 100 bid was too much. Dosing amount for me is yet to be figured out. I'm not tired or sleepy.

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I just google led this to see if is was the only one out there experiencing this. My joints in my ankles uonto my knees are killing me within 2 weeks of taking this. Also in my wrists.

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