Uses Of Nefrosave Forte Tablets

dada Says:

I am 47 years male and I have creatinin range 1.5 to 2.0 but blood urea is normal. I had been prescribed the tablet Nefrosave tablet (acetylene cysteine 300mg and pyridoxamine dihydrochloride 50mg) by doctor. I would like to know that is it safe to use for long time of 2 months or is it dangerous to use for kidney in future?

Are there any side effects using nefrosave tablets in future or now?

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Verwon Says:

This is actually a nutritional suppplement, used to treat or prevent the medical conditions that can occur if you are deficient in these vital nutrients.

Thus, the effects of long-term use have not been studied, however, they are generally considered safe, as long as you are not taking extremely high doses.

The Acetylcysteine is even used to help treat Acetaminophen overdose.

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want to know the drugh about RENHOLD tablet and the price of renhold tablet.

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Nirakar Nayak Says:

I have been prescribed Renhold tab twice a day for one month.My creatinine was 1.3 and uric acid 8.4..serum urea was 21 mg/dl.Along with i have been given nephrocap once a day for one month also.Initially nephrosave tab was given for 5days.How long I have to take Renhold and Nephrocap tabs.

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Shanta Says:

I have been asked to take Nafrasave Tabs one tablet daily for 30 days. My Creatinine level is at present 1.8 mg/dl, Sodium 141 mol/I, Potassium 5.4 and chloride 114 mmol/l. My question is whether it is advisable to continue, beyond 30 days. Are there any side effects?

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Ved Kumar gupta Says:

My creatine is 2.24 urea83 uric acid7.00 can I take NEFROSAVE

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Chandrakumar Says:

I am 72 yrs old. I am a diabetic for 40 years. Twice my sugar in 2014 shot up to 500. Now it is under control. Is it advisable to take this tablet?

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sarat Says:

I m 36 yr old doctor advice to take nefrosave forte tablet. My fasting sugar level is 273 & PP- 376 & creatnine is 1. Plz advice me to take this tablet?

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Kartar singh Says:

Nephrosave Fort tablet use long time I want to know any side effect.

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I am 40 years old, diabetic patient for the last 8 years and my fb is 146 and pp is 233, creatinine is 1.4, urea-serum/plasma-74, HBA1c is 6.5, Micral urine-40.9, creatinine spot urine-319.87, TSH-5.52, SGPT-65. My doctor prescribed me Nephrosave, one tablet after breakfast for one month. Is it safe to take this medicine my whole life?

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Alam Says:

I am 56 years old . My creatinine level 1.6 , Hb-9.8 and others are normal .My Doctor prescribed to take Neprosave fort twice daily, Supermat AM after breakfast, Atorva ASP at night. Lupiheme one daily. But my health tissue is breaking .Weight come down 743 to 70 . Pl. adivise me?

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