Uses Of Duphaston And Ascard 75 In Pregnancy


I have had two simutaeneous miscarriage m 9 wks and a wk pg and my gyn prescribed Ascard-75:and Duphaston 40mg stat then 10mg tabs..are they safe for my pregnancy..pliz reply as soon as possible..

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hi, my wife is 22 years old and she is 18 weeks and 4 days pregnant. her doctor prescribed her Ascord 75 and Duphaston, but I am sure of these medicine for a pregnant woman because she lost 2 babies of 8 week due to taking medicine, what's your advice please?

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Please i have a question to anyone who will be willing to ans me, um 5 week pregnant and my doctor prescribed me with ascard75 and duphastone dur to my previous miscarriage, but um worried what if these medicines affect my baby? Ir is it safe to take them coz recently i hav been gone through abnormal pain in my upper stomach or sometimes my stomach feels like its full of gas.. Can anyone tell me if um okay?

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I m 2 month pregnant now.but I m worried that in my 3 month pregnancy my cild were missed in 2 time.what is reson

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Yes um these tablets special made for pregnant womans don't worry doctor also suggest these same tablet of my wife duphaston use for blooding and saving pregnancy. And ascord also helping in same letter...

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Am a rhesus negative and had several miscarriage with no anti d injection, am now 4 weeks pregnant, will I make it? My doctor prescribed me with ascard 75, plus help

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I m7weeks n 5 days pregnant. I had abdomen n back pain. dr gave me ascard to take.

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Hi, my wife is 6 week pregnant dr prescribed with ascard 75mg its safe or no and tell me the role of the Ascard in first trimester.
Best regards

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Am 15 wks 4th preg after losing 3 in a row all at doc prescribed susteen 400 one vag insert daily &low dose ascard,with strict bedrest.wat r my chances?has anyone undergone the it safe for me n baby??plz helllp

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if I want to conceive then is it ok if my dr advised me to take ascard 75

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My wife has given same medicine and she has same problem like u

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I m 6 week pregnant dr suggested me ascard 75 & duphaston becoz I have miscarriage history .plz rep

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