Ultram 50mg

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I have just been prescribed the generic Tramadol-50 mg 1 pill 3x a day for knee pain. Tramadol is the generic of Ultram 50 mg.

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sash Says:

I am trying to find out if Ultram is addictive and is it a opiate.

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sash Says:

I have been taking suboxone for three mths, I started taking it because of addiction to hydrocodone. I am going to run out before its time for my refill. I will be out for a week. Will I go into withdrawl? What can I do to help me make it to refill date?

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Verwon Says:

In regards to Tramadol being addictive, it is not classified as an opiate, but it is derived from one, so yes it can be habit forming and it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and constipation.

Learn more Tramadol details here.

And as to running out of Suboxone early, the best thing anyone in that situation can do is contact their doctor for assistance.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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slcbee Says:

I got really hooked on Tramadol, after having addiction issues with Lortab. Tramadol is quite addictive, and the withdrawal from it is awful. I am now on 8mg. Suboxone, doing AA, and doing really well.

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Porcaro54 Says:

Ultram withdrawal is the worst sort of hell a doctor can put a patient through. The worst part is that the withdrawal symptoms do not cease. This may not be true for everyone. After steady dosing of 2 years at 400mg a day, I was doing well. My (former) doctor stopped me suddenly, claiming her research showed it was doing me more harm than good. Completely false. I was happily married with a young daughter, my husband and I both worked hard. Life was good, my mood stable. Initially she gave it to me for chronic migraine (before the days of oral Imitrex), and fibromyalgia, on the drug. for which it did not work, but the improvements in sleep, job function, alertness, etc., were marvelous. For nine long, hellish months I was forced to go without. During those nine months, my marriage unraveled and I was fired from my job for excessive absences. I put the time to some use, doing my own research on Ultram, and providing supporting documents as to why I should be given the drug again. Reluctantly she agreed, limiting me to 350mg a day. Aside from that brief ordeal, I have been on Ultram since 1996. My blood is evaluated every 3 months for hints of liver damage; I have always come up clean. For most people I talk to, Ultram has no effect at all. It's being given out as a non-narcotic pain reliever in hospital ERs. An un-funny joke to those who need pain relief. Functional dependence can happen. If you wish to avoid that, best to avoid Ultram. If you have a doctor who truly listens, and recommends a mood stabilizer, this drug is a viable option. I am not a medical professional. Please talk to your own doctor or clinician before simply taking what they hand you. Educate yourself.

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