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more info about this drug is available on the page for Tussionex

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I am trying to locate the mfg. of Tussionex ext,rel,susp. When I went to get my prescription filled the cost was $147.00. I had to tell them to put it back of the shelf. I am on disability, At some point I need to have heart transplant. Medicare will not pay anything on this drug. Any help that you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for taking the time to read this note.

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Hi Sue,

The manufacturer of Tussionex is UCB Pharmaceuticals ... they have a web site dedicted to this product at Tussionex.com and they list U.S. phone numbers on their USA contact page.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions or information to add...

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I agree with Sue, above. The price for Tussionex is prohibitive and I have found that it is the only cough syrup that works for me and allows me to sleep all night when I have a cold. With our old pharmacy insurance, the cost of 180 - 240 ml was $50.00, which was bad enough. Now with the new insurance the cost is $176.00 for the same amount. Basically the new insurance does not include this on their formulary. Thank you for your attention to this and will await a reply.

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my tussionex was red, now yellow and does not work as well...why?

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Try Walmart. I filled my prescription for generic Tussionex and paid $4.00. It worked wonders and I was able to get a good nights sleep.

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Tussionex ext rel sus, will it make me cough more then I aready do? I am so worn out from coughing I could not stand to cough more.

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tussionex is Always yellow. the red stuff is a different form of vicodin ingredient cough syrup and cheaper. It also doesn't have the extended release attribute so i don't have any Idea why it isn't working as well. The real Tussionex the yellow stuff is THE BEST and STRONGEST narcotic pain syrup on the market. It also lasts for 12 hours due to the extended release and the others only last about 4. you may just need to take a bit more because instead of hitting you all at once it releases over time but you still get the ten MG of hydrocodone at once but lasting for 12 hours instead of four that is why it is so expensive. hope this helps,

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No. it only has a cough suppressant and an antihistimine.

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Exactly correct! But, it was so expensive at my pharmacy I couldn't pick it up. Maybe, I'll try WalMart as someone said.

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Is the genericbformof tussionex susp? Maybr break pill, in cough syrup that mimic therealthing

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I went to Walmart for my Tussinex ext-rel (but generic brand) and it cost me $80.00 My insurance only paid $20.00 of that....So I don't know why it only cost someone on here $4.00....It is the only thing that helps my cough though, other than Percoset.

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No insurance covers that medication. I went to cvs pharmacy and the cost was 179.00. And once I got an Rx coupon I only paid 34.54 for 120 ml, but don't use the same coupon even though you can, cause sometimes the price changes and you may get it for a lil cheaper. Now I'm on 300ml a month and it cost 81.00 for a 300ml with the Rx savings card. It's amazing the way the cost jumps. Saved me a lot of money!!

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You are absolutely correct. My grandfather took Tussinex Ext Release several times over the years for COPD & it is Yellow/ Gold in color. I myself have taken it before. A few years ago it Only came in Brand and had a very "SWEET" taste. It helps better than anything when you are sick with cough, cold, ect. They now offer a generic( I have only had it once) & it taste horrible & doesn't have same effect as the brand did several years ago.

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I have had pneumonia I have been in the hospital having seizures while I was in there I was given tussinex because I have a cough that won't stop I have also had a piece of my right lung taken out and if I could get the tussinex for a reduced price or for free it would help me also I am on social security and I am on Medicare they have wrote me the prescription but I can't get it filled thank you

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I went to Wamart last night & it cost $60.50. I told them someone got it for $4 & he said there was no way.

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Well first of all, I think I'm qualified to comment on this subject of Tussionex being that I've had it prescribed for 20+ yrs now for reasons other than cough related issues&know quite a bit about the stuff !
It is indeed very expensive&it's hard to catch a break price-wise unless you have insurance or can get the cheapest generic formula which is probably how someone here got it for $5 or less because I myself used to get it for $5 per 16oz(473ml)back when I was working&had ins.now Im disabled&it can cost $300+ for the same 16oz bottle! I can tell you that 1 tsp.(5ml) containing 10mg Hydrocodone&8mg of Chlorpheniramine-an antihistaminne which is the same drug as over the counter allergy med called "Chlortabs"little yellow 8mg tabs you can find at walmart. Tussionex has a much more potent effect than taking a single Lortab 10/500 or Vicoden&its all about the way it is formulated..Taking a Tablespoon(15ml &=to 3Lortabs at 30mg of Hydrocodone) is going to be way stronger than 3 Lortabs--especially when consumed with alcohol and or with Benzos(xanax/ativan,etc) and unless you have a very high tolerance to opiates,it would be pretty stupid to take such amounts because it is indeed what it says on the bottle-"extended release" meaning that long after you take it, you are still going to get a continuous release of the narcotic&antihistamine for 10-12hrs! This is sorta like the Fentanyl effect so to speak that kills so many by unknowingly OD'ing unintentially meaning that while you are waiting for the "buzz" to come &keep taking it--you could end up OD'ing by the time you feel it&it's gonna be too late by the time you start getting sweaty&the rapid heartbeat starts which means that if that occurs just before you pass out&fall asleep, then you more than likely will know you screwed up bigtime&should probably go to the ER or at least have someone stay with you so as to not be alone when you get the strong urge to want to fall fall asleep-which you will and at least they can check to make sure you don't stop breathing in your sleep...this stuff when taken in high doses will absolutely put you out in a deep sleep for hours&hours! So if you are not used to or havent taken Tussionex in the past, by all means DO NOT consume large amounts of it--especially with alcohol, simply because you can fall into a deep sleep&not wake up--even tho its only Hydrocodone&antihistamine!! Its much stronger than popping lortab 10's or vicodin..again-its all about the way its formulated and thats why its so damn expensive!
Just saying...

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My sister is 83 years old and has a chronic cough. Tussionex is the only cough medicine that helps. She also has a fib, so it is dangerous for her to cough excessively. She lives on a fixed income and can't afford all of the expensive medicines she needs. Her husband fought in WWII and is deceased. She can't use Rx savings cards, because she is on Medicare. They have worked hard all their lives. Is there any help for her?

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Tussionex's hydrocodone is derived from "resin complexes of the opium poppy" which is different than the hydrocodone in lortab, vicodin, ect. it is much more euphoric which made it prized among people looking to get 'high'. it is no longer available. the generic "tussionex" is compounded out of the same hydrocodone as the others, regardless of what is called. my knowledge is based on many years of experience.

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Re: Shirley (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I remember back in the mid 70's paying no more than 8 to 12 dollars for and 8 ounce bottle of Tussinex. Or if they didn't have the syrup we'd get the Tussionex pills or capsules. But back then it was was 5 mgs of hydrocodone bitrate resin which to me was stronger than the Tussionex of today.

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