Tussigon Hydrocodone For Canines

lynn2015 Says:

What is the side effects of an adult taking this if it was prescibed to a dog

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kj Says:

lynn2015 the medical field will tell you not to do it, but guess what I go to tractor supply all the time, they say pet meds are not as high grade but they do have the same ingredients, do alittle research and check it out before you do it, ive never had any problems taking meds I bought from tractor supply,

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David Says:


That's an interesting question to ask. Given what Post #1 mentioned, it's certainly not recommended and I wouldn't be one to encourage you to do so even if it was prescribed.... but thinking in terms of side effects, the "potential" risk factors for a human shouldn't be any different than what you might find on a typical drug monograph for Hydrocodone.

According to nih.gov, Homatropine methylbromide is also included in the composition of Tussigon to help discourage deliberate overdosing. I don't think a dog is going to deliberately overdose on something you administer, but this information is still good to know if you had any concerns with self control on your own behalf Lol.

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karen Says:

hi dave, just a note on pet meds. theres a lot of their meds we can take but they cant take all our meds, like alleve for joint pain, it will kill them very quickly, their livers cant metabolize it. I only ever gave my dogs baby aspirin. take a trip to a farm supply store, its amazing all the stuff they sell otc, just like our meds but no rx. you just have to know your meds. I am a nurse so that helps.

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David Says:

Hey Karen, thanks for taking the time to explain that. It certainly adds validity coming from a nurse like yourself. I guess I was just mainly concerned about the legality of it more so than anything. But seeing as these meds are readily available over-the-counter for our pets and farm animals, it doesn't seem like people would be breaking any laws by purchasing something that's simply being marketed differently (since the shop owner wouldn't necessarily know if you're giving it to your pet as directed or deciding to take it for your own needs). That said, I'm actually surprised more chronic pain patients haven't caught on to this with how difficult it has been to fill these types of scripts at the pharmacy.

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Korky Says:

I had my dog on it for over 8 months. He had cancer, he was 16 years and 4 months old when we lost the battle thursday. I had to put him to sleep. I had just ordered his latest meds, so I have over 100 tabs that they won't take back. never opened. Anhyway They were his saving grace. after just a week the cough went away, and he didn't cough until the night before I had to have him put to sleep. Those along with extra support of cancer herbs and supplements, and a detox soup I would make him. He was also on a non GMO food/ Fromms. He got losts of herbs, and love. The hydrocod/homoa tabs though kept his cough and pain at bay. But I do believe the tumeric and other supplements helped too.

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