Tussigon/hycodan 5mg For Dogs

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My dog needs this med every day for a collapsing trachia and I can't find it anywhere? Can you help?

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barb Says:

walmart has it in generic form tuggisson

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carlene Says:

I called the pharmacy at my local Walmart to ask if they had Tuggisson and they didn't know what I was talking about. Do you have any more information? Does it require a perscription or is it over the counter? I can get a perscription if necessary, but I have to know what to ask for. Thanks for your help.

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shana Says:

Please help us both! I am in need of Hycodan 5mg as well. Local pharmacies have said that there is a recall and it has been pulled from the shelve? My Pom has just been diagnosed with a collapsing trachea and Hycodan is keeping him alive. Please help if you know where we can find Hycodan or something similar? Many thanks for your help.

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susen Says:

I'm looking for it too! Drugstore.com has it listed, but is out of stock. My cockapoo also has collapsing trachea, and she's gone a month without her meds and the cough is much worse.

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joann Says:

It is TUSSIGON you got it spelled wrong. I gave it to my 15 yr ld Yorkie until he went to rainbow bridge, and I am giving it to my other Yorkie now. My vet gve them to me but I break them into 4 pieces. He gets it about 3/4 times a day

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tara Says:

Both Hycodan and its sibling Tussigon have a shared common base. The DEA is with holding production right now. There are lawsuits out there in human medicine .
So even for those of us who work in veterinary hospitals cannot aquire any. Any and all compounding material has ceased to be bought or made since March of 2008. No one has any and until the suits are settled the DEA is not releasing any to anyone.

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kervinmak Says:

YO YO...Hycodan is not off the shelf. I got it yesterday at Walgreens, CVS, Longs, and the list goes on and on. Come off the nonsense with the DEA. Don't believe that. Get that cherry flavored syrup and enjoy it boys!

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tara Says:

the syrup is available and has gone up in price dramatically. the capsules and tablets of hycodan and tussigon cannot be obtained anywhere. that is whati meant by not available. for those who honestly need the drug for proper reason then yes the liquid can still be obtained. some dogs however do not like liquid meds and it is therefore better to have the pills/caps which we sadly cannot obtain. for those owners of animals out there you can ask your veterinarians for torbutrol tabs as a substitute pain med. they are available in the 5mg size you are used to receiving for the hycodan. your veterinarian may still yet have other options for your bet based on their individual needs.

yes the dea is with holding the material needed by pharmecuetical companies to make the capsule and or tablet forms of the drugs so i did not lie. go ahead and call MEDS 4 VETS yourself they will tell you.

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Kay Says:

For anyone whose pet is suffering and is in need of this medication: I found Hydrocodone aka Tussigon 5mg at University of Pennsylvania's Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital (215.746.8387) ask to speak to the pharmacy. Your vet can probably call in the prescription and they will mail it to you. My springer spaniel was diagnosed with lung cancer and his cough was horrible. Ever since we started his on this medication (One 5mg pill per day), he has been absolutely fantastic! I can't remember the last time I heard him cough now. I would recommend this product anyday!!! Good luck :)

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maxmom Says:

we got tussigon 5mg no problem at VCA in West Los Angeles, just last week. Walgreens et al were not carrying it, but the vets are.

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Randy Says:

It is available from Prime Mail pharmacy. My local Walgreens doesn't seem to be able to get it any more.

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dlk Says:

i got tussigon 30mg in WA state from a pharmacy for a dog

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Nana Says:

My 15 lb. terrier had his fractured leg splinted at vet today. The pain pills she sent home are called Hycodan (Tussigon) on the label. They were 15.00 for 5 pills!! The dose she ordered is 1/4 th tablet every 4 hours. That's only 1.25 mg But that didnt help at all. Does anyone know the dose for a 15 lb dog.

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Emmy Says:

Rite Aid drug store can also get it but you need a day's lead time - they don't keep it stocked. Just as an aside, medications not approved in the US can still be obtained from Canada - your vet just needs to obtain special permission to have it imported for your dog. I had to do that for a medication my dog was using to help with his Cushing's Disease.

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April Says:

You have to go to a compound pharmacy to get this for your animals, I had a tough time getting it and I asked the vetinarian hospital and they directed me to a compound pharmacy. I was able to get 16 tabs for $15.11. It did indeed come in the generic form of Tussigon/homatropine.

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Sarah Says:

I wish to thank Kay for her info, re Hydrocodone aka Tussigon. I am ordering it, and I am so grateful for your help!

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GINA Says:


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T Says:

My local vet in small town GA was able to give my dog Tussigon when a local compounding pharmacy could not. GVS in Sandy Springs, GA can give you a list of phamacies that distrubute it - one even ships free. A dog with a collasping trachea will still cough, even when taking tussigon. What about heart problems?

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Brad Says:

I just got Tussigon today 10/22/2010 at my vet in Cabot, Arkansas- All for Pets....The vet labeled the bottle and all....My dog has pnemonia.....

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Margaret Says:

11 yr old Yorkie dx'd with Chronic Bronchitis. Rx'd Tussigon, 5mg, 1/2 tab BID. Can't get it down her with any of the old tricks -- cheese, peanut butter, etc. Any help appreciated. How do you just put it down their throats? No doubt this med helps when dosing is successful.

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