Tryptomer Uses

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what is the use of tryptomer 10mg?

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suresh Says:

what is the use of tablet tryptomer 10mg

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Verwon Says:

Tryptomer contains the active ingredient Amitriptyline, it is an antidepressant, which is commonly used to treat mental health disorders.

Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and weight gain.

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Are there any comments or questions?

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siddhishah Says:

Hi i have been suggested tryptomer 10mg by an neurologist bt i feel very problamatic after taking this..

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b venkatraman Says:

my lower leg muscles are paining, with sore throat

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apoorva Says:

i have been told to use tryptomer 10mg for head pain and am 16 years old .is it safe plz reply me i need to know .

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pl tarneja Says:

I am suffering from Post Herpic Neuralgia for the past 3 years.May pl advise if triptomer 10 mg be taken

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sathish podaralla Says:

good afternoon Sir, I have headache with starts from neck nervus pain, I met doctor 5 years back neurologist. He suggested me, use 2 months serenace 0.25 mg morning 1 tab and night 1 tab. afterwards I met again doctor, he suggested me tryptomer 10 mg morning 1 tab and night 1 tab. I used 2 months. Total 4 months the above tablets used. after I can't meet doctor from 5 years. 6 months no headache comes and also neck nevus pain. but after 6 months its come slowly monthly once, after 1 years 2 weeks once, after 1 years weekly trice. So can I used tryptomer continuously 6 month from nowonwards. Please give some advice from your side Sir.

Thanking you Sir
Sathish Podaralla.

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Arun tiwari Says:

Migrain last 25 years.dr,prescribed tryptomer with Sibelius both 10mg.

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Bharani Daran Says:

It has some side effects so take it at time of need alone. because i have taken it

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Tika chhetri Says:

I m feeling side pain while taking this medicine.

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sunil kumar Says:

I take tryptomer for heachache in advice of neaurologist it is good tablet

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hemant Says:

Homeo medicine for
substitute of Tryptomer 10 mg

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betty braganca Says:

I had a mild stroke in the head and was advised Tryptomer 10mg is it good ? Are there any side effects ?

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Kanasu Says:

1yr back I was advised to take tryptomer 10mg at night.till today I didn't know that this is an antidepressant tab.I had allergy and easinophilic prob.. my doubt is why did this tab prescribed by Rhemotologist.

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Saurabh Says:

Please do vipassana which is the meditation techniq

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B k banerjee Says:

I have bad headache, sleepless mess

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B k banerjee Says:

I have bad headache, sleeplessness. Cold &cough, doctor tryptomer twice daily

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debraj Says:

I am suffering from migraine since my child hood. doctor suggested me to take tryptomer 10 mg every day at bed time

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Intias Says:

I'm 20 I feel it a lot problematic for using it for 3 days, don't try

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Asif iqbal Says:

Sir i am suffring from too much sweating from palm, foot and under arm, from childhood. please sussest any medicine or tretment.

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