Trying To Find Pain Managment Dr In Louisville Ky Or Lexington Area That Would Perscribe Methadone Been On Them And Percet 10mg For Break Thru

lynn Says:

If anyone knows where I can go please help been on methadone for 8 years and break thru meds for 12 years got hit by a car when I was younger done had neck surgey, which made me hurt worser my middle to lower back I stay in severe pain the meds help to a certain level I dont abuse them or anything its just got to the point without them I probably would not be able to get out of bed the pain is just unbearable on top I have childern to take care of theirs no way I can go without the meds my lower bones are basically shattered I need surgery but dont have the help afterwards so im in a bad situation so please if anyone knows any info to help I would really appericate it. Thanks

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Darkice6977 Says:

Not sure if you've found a Dr by now as I've just found this site. Check out my pain management clinic in Frankfort Ky, Dr Richard Lingreen, located in the building beside the Frankfort Regional Hospital, he really helped me. Although his office is always busy and wait times are LONG he's worth his weight in gold! Hope that helps..

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Angel Says:

There's a Lingreen in London, KY too.... Could this be the same Dr.? From "Spine & Brain"?

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dawn Says:

I know Richard Lingreen was with Spine & Brain in Lexington, but he left & went to Frankfort. That might be an old listing, I know some of them are not right. They haven't been update

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Knows pain Says:

Look for a state run or a privately owned methadone clinic. Good luck, especially if you've been a victim of I.d. theft.

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Researcher82 Says:

Re: Darkice6977 (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Hello. Does this doctor take cash paying patients

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Barbie Says:

Let me know as soon as you find a doctor here in Tennessee. Just moved from Louisiana and need one also. I have been on pain management since 2006.

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