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I have started taking triphasil pills on the 16th of January. All along I was using the 2 month injections. I started with the white pill and right now am on the red ones and I've already taken 4 but I don't menstruate. What could be the cause?

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I'm on the 3rd Triphasil contraceptive red pill and I'm on my period, but I want to stop the period today. Which pill should I take?

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Hey. I recently changed from oralcon contraceptive to triphasil because they only had it in stock. I'm taking my triphasil and now my problem is that my periods are taking longer than usual. Is this safe?

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I was switched to Triphasil today from oralconon but I’m confused as to where to start
I mean my nurse said on the red pills but I I’m drinking my last red oralcon pill why would she let me go another 7 days on the Triphasil red pills shouldn’t I start on the first pink/brown pill

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You need to take the white pill.

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Hi. I want to try Triphasil pills for acne which is caused by hormonal imbalance. So I want to know who used them and got better results thereafter?

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Hey i was using oralcon then I changed to triphisil becouse oralcon used to make my breast and stomach big and my butt small but triphisil is still doing the same is it normal now I'm becoming shapeless

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