Tri-previfem Birth Control

lori Says:

Since i started taking this drug, i feel very bloated. Is weight gain a side effect?

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Crystal Says:

Common side effects while taking Tri-Previfem are bloating, changes in weight, and many more.

To view more side effects about this drug click on the link below...


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paula Says:

write down your symtems on a calender. I had severe swelling and bloating on the same days of each month. The fourth day of the month. On my third month on the fourth day, I had a heart attack! I'm 42 years old. I have no high blood pressure and beautiful cholesteral levels. figure that out!

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kerri Says:

since the pill makes the cervix have more mucus, making it hard for sperm to get through, does that mean it is hard for your period to get through? please help! im freaking out!

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jessica Says:

i just started my new pack of tri-previfem and the 1st week are white, usualy for me, my last week is white and thats when i get my period. so instead am i suppost to get my period the 1st week of the month or the last week, even tho those ones are green??

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Previfem Says:

I skipped my active pill of Previfem. Do I have a possibility of getting pregnant due to my missed blue pill on week three?

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