Treatment For Fibromyalgia

Kim Says:

Has any one had success with the use of Zonisamide for pain with fibro and if so how long did it take ? Been on one week am at 300mg and do not have any relief yet.

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Verwon Says:

Zonisamide is another one of the anticonvulsants that's been shown to help some people with certain types of nerve pain, however, it is not actually an analgesic, so it can take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to reach its full effect in your body.


Has anyone actually used this medication?

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Linda Burke Says:

I had disabling fibromyalgia about forty years ago, just before it had a name. It was misdiagnosed as muscle spasms and pinched nerves, which I immediately knew were wrong. My husband had been trained in pharmaceuticals by various companies and managed several pharmacies for his physician brother by that time, so he was no dummy when it came to treating undiagnosed problems. He gave me mega doses of vitamin Bs, and over time, these brought the problem under control. I still had to stay out of strong drafts...wind would bring on instant spasms. Since I retired from working in law, the stress in my life is minimal, and I rarely have a fibro-related problem.

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