Tramadol Green And Yellow Capsule No Markings

UnknownGhost5 Says:

Found green and yellow capsules with no markings on them in my teenagers room. Been surfing online and this page showed up with the same description. What is it? How can I be certian? , and most importantly how should I discard it.

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David Says:


In my opinion the best way to know for certain what's inside it is to have its contents analyzed by a lab and/or drug panel. The fact that it has no markings is what concerns me, because it could literally be anything. Were you given any clues as to why it might be tramadol? I didn't happen to see the other page here on this topic that you may have been referring to... And I know teens can be difficult to work with (we've all been that way at one point), but hopefully a heartfelt and non-judgemental parent/son talk will help get you the information you seek without having to go through such extensive measures. Taking the time to see eye to eye with your teen will also go so much farther than just finding the identity of whatever this may be. Though if you wish to discard it, I think proper protocols would be determined based on the type of substance it is... Until we know that, perhaps taking the pill to a pharmacy is the most prudent option. Take care!

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Noora Says:

I want this tablet prescribed to remove my pain.

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