Tramadol After August 18??
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Momof2gloriousgirls Says:

Hearing lots of places that the people who order tramadol via internet will no longer be able to. I live in a town with uptight doctors who charge outrageous prices plus insist on doing constant testing before writing a prescription. If true what are my option after Aug 18

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Laurel Says:

I would gladly pay your price. What pharmacy do you use?

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Maggie Says:

Anyone who can't find Tramadol try BlinkHealth. I don't have a problem getting them because I have insurance and a low co-pay. I just happened upon this page and did some research. Good luck. God bless and I've been where you are.

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Lillibear Says:

Hi. I wanted to know if anyone found out where to get a tramadol prescription filled. I know it is a late post but I have been having so much trouble with back pain. It's impossible. Let me know please.

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Greg Says:

There is another solution to Tramadol and opioid withdrawals without having to risk going overseas to buy who knows what they put in those tablets. Kratom is legal in the US, so far, because it blocks the same receptors as Tramadol and has been used in place of methadone for people wanting to get off the opioids for good. Countless people are finding that it helps with pain using the same mechanism as Tramadol but are also able to end their addiction to stronger meds as well. Hope this helps.

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TxTrey Says:

any thing wrong using tramadol after use by date? I have come across two sealed bottles in a refrigerator while clearing out my brother's death from ALS. 100 tabs of 100mg. Use by date l0 2015. Do I donate these or toss them? Thank you. TxTrey

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Stella Says:

Everyone's body chemistry is different but yes it can be used for anxiety and depression which is what my doc prescribes it to me for. I have never had bad withdrawals when I run out and I usually take three 100 my pills at a time, so 300 mg morning and afternoon. But maybe that's just my body chemistry. I hear Xanax or benedryl is good for withdrawals though. Usually doctors are pretty cool if you tell them you need a certain supply of a benzo to come off a pain medication. If my doctor ever decided to stop my medicine I would ask for another prescription to titrate off of it--most docs with a brain should do that or they could be liable if something happened. The trams from India (100mg) are in green capsules which you can take or sprinkle in your coffee. And yes dogs and cats can be prescribed trams from the vet if they have joint pain. It's a shame the opiate abusers have made it hard for people who really need them for the pain or for depression/anxiety. I was prescribed tramadol for my migraines when I was pregnant, so it can be used for different things--You can't take Motrin when pregnant and Tylenol is useless for me when I have migraines.

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DCcc Says:

Tramadol is the worst drug I have ever taken. The withdrawals are absolutely horrible, not to mention the side effects. Please be careful. I have first hand knowledge of what Tramadol can do to you and lot's of people don't think so. If you happen to become addicted or dependent, beware of the withdrawals. They are worse than opiate withdrawals. I've been through both.

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gbaby123 Says:

i have never heard of a doc prescribing Tramadol for depression, (??)--but alot of drugs are prescribed for things other than what they were originally meant for... in August, my state re-scheduled Tramadol ton a schedue III drug, and also re-scheduled some opiate drugs (from schedule III to a II)...effectively making hydrocodone and lower strengths of oxycodone as hard to obtain as say, DILAUDID and OXYCONTIN, so yes, once again, our dear old federal gov't has taken quite a good s*** on ppl who truly NEED pain medicine, and making ppl like myself (i've been on a regimen of tramadol and gabapentin now for abt 5 yrs for RA and fibromyalgia) jump through all sorts of stupid hoops just to be able to live a relatively pain-free life....all becuz of the nationwide epidemic of prescription drug abuse....which means they're punishing everyone across the board...that's like saying that no matter how good a driver I am, becuz of a few drunks on the road, they wanna take MY license!!! So a few bad apples are totally ruining life for everyone else!! there has GOTTA be a better way...and God FORBID the feds would actually ENACT something that would be a modicum of common sense, even if a solution did exist...

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Jess Says:

Hey I was wondering if people can still have their tramadol prescription filled online?

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fillmore Says:

Tramadol is cheap! I had a doctor who wrote and called in refills for 240 tabs at a big box pharmacy. The cost of the pills were 13.00! I never had to go to his office. He also called in 180 tabs of Vicoprofen a month. The first time I went to his office he charged me 15.00 He since has retired,but there are doctors out there like that do not want their patients in pain.Look,listen to other patients where they go for meds. Do research on doctors. Don't get greedy, take what they give you.If's it's not enough politely ask for more the next time. If he/she says no keep looking, they're out there!

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Kitkat Says:

Hey Samantha, did you ever get your tramadol that you ordered? I'm looking for a legitimate pharmacy because the one I was using sent me a message saying they are unable to sell tramadol to anyone because of the new regulations

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Samantha Says:

There is one online overseas company that still sells Tramodol (I order from them - and did last week). All I can suggest is to do lots of internet searches on where to buy Tramodol and read the reviews. Avoid ones that want to you send a money order as payment! Always use a credit card for payment because if you don't get your order, you can always reverse the charge. The meds are made in India (they manufacture generic meds not brand name, so they are cheaper) but they are just as effective as brand name drugs.

I hope that helps.

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Mom3times Says:

I have never ordered any medicine online. I have been taking tramadol for 13 years, 6 a day. I lost my health insurance so I can't afford to go to the dr every month. I am a single mother of 3 and I can't be off them. Please can anyone tell me where I can safely fill my tramadol prescription? Please any help?

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lynn Says:

Could you share the contact info for this place? Thanks

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Tracy Says:

People.....I just want to put this info out there for ANYONE who buys off the internet. JUST BECAUSE THEY SAY THEY ARE IN THE US DOES NOT MEAN THEIR MEDS ARE US MADE. Even legit pharmaceutical companies are like this. Actavis, for example, who bought out Watson, has companies in the US but they STILL use products from India to make their meds. It is the same with Sun Pharmaceuticals. So, because that is legal for them to do according to the FDA, it is also a probable chance you are getting foreign meds from a U.S. "pharmacy" when buying TRAMADOL. Actually, when buying any med....especially one that doesn't require a prescription. Just keep this in mind. I have known/read of many people being scammed out of many $ doing this......buying from SO CALLED legit pharmacies. One person even said they were told when buying hydrocodone that a refillable script would be in their package written by an actual MD. Well, the spent the money, received NO product and, of course, received no script. This "pharmacy" had 2 locations. California and Florida. Come to find out, the money was sent to, I believe, Dehli India or somewhere like that! I told my friend he learned a VERY EXPENSIVE lesson!

I just thought I would let you all know some things I have found out and KNOW it's a fact! Be careful. Also, if a med is available in the US ONLY with an rx, it IS illegal to obtain it from a country even if that country sells those meds over the counter. Best of luck to everyone....I understand financial hardships, I really do....but, there HAS to be a way for you to be able to see a doctor. I didn't say that hasn't its own challenges but you will have more than financial hardships if you are caught buying illegally....which I know you all know that. I know what desperation feels like so I DO understand.....BUT, are the risks worth the price? Just please be careful! And not only BC of risks legally, but health risks as well. Concrete pills have been circulating and actually killed someone recently! Over half the pill was made from idea what the other half was but I do know it had no active ingredients in it! This is a common practice!

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sick Says:

Please tell me which pharmacy could fill my tramadol script aug 18?

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sarailee Says:

Do you still get those calls?

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minoguesque Says:

Both tramadol and tapentadol have been CDs of Schedule 3 here in the UK and most of Europe now for over seven months! Reason given was a higher than previously believed propensity for misuse due to their combo mild opioid/SNRI properties... Codeine phosphate, Oramorph®* & dihydrocodeine tartrate remain Sch 4 drugs (no CD controls, same restrictions as any other POM (Prescription Only Medicine). Which is to say very few.

*Oramorph oral solution contains less morphine sulphate than the threshold for automatic Class A, Schedule 3 Controlled Drug status per dosage unit; similarly 'Gee's Linctus' contains an amount of opium which makes it only an Over the Counter drug, but no Pharmacist would sell multiple 200mL bottles! Tincture of Opium requires a 'special' prescription and is Schedule 3.

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sunnya Says:

so did you actually find a place ?

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Molly Says:

Hi Mike... I also take tramadol for a ruptured disc in my neck...from what I have been told from the pharmacy I get my tramadol from...he can't get it in the USA because of the new laws so I have been ordering from overseas twice now and have had no problems.

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