Tramadol After August 18??

Momof2gloriousgirls Says:

Hearing lots of places that the people who order tramadol via internet will no longer be able to. I live in a town with uptight doctors who charge outrageous prices plus insist on doing constant testing before writing a prescription. If true what are my option after Aug 18

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KF Says:

i wish i had an answer for you, i have been using it for 3 years, more as a anti-depressant. I take 200 mg a day and feel good, certainly not intoxicated. This decision by FDA is ridiculous. Tramadol is not in the same class as Percs and Roxys etc. Unbelievable. I can go to Dr but i will be spending mad $ on their BS. Prices in the international market will now be inflated as well. The market is risky unless you know credible sources.

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BL Says:

Tramadol will become a Controlled Substancde Schedule IV in Aug. But, Schedule IV is not the same as Schedule III or Schedule II. Schedule IV drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with a low potential for abuse and low risk of dependence. I can't see a reason why a dr wouldn't prescribe it for a patient if they has legimate medical need for it. Schedule III drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with a moderate to low potential for physical and psychological dependence. Schedule II drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with a high potential for abuse, less abuse potential than Schedule I drugs, with use potentially leading to severe psychological or physical dependence. These drugs are also considered dangerous.

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Macky Says:

Any ideas yet on where to find Tramadol after the 18th? To say I am concerned is an understatement.

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mt Says:

did you find a place?

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momof2gloriousgirls Says:

No. No one answering

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mt Says:

did you find a place w/ tramadol aug 18th

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Momof2gloriousgirls Says:

I can't afford that. That's double what I pay now and barely afford even that.

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Momof2gloriousgirls Says:

No did you

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CR Says:

I guess we are going to have to see what the climate is like after the 18th and really see if we can get orders

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mt Says:

let us know what u find out

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Momof2gloriousgirls Says:

mt... Did you find anything??

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Momof2gloriousgirls Says:


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Marci Says:

not yet

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John Says:

Everyone who is upset over Tramadol not being able to be sold online in the U.S. maybe this will make you feel like your not the only ones. I am 100% honest in what about about to say because it is rather ridiculous. I've been taking Tramadol now for about 7 years and about 40 pills a day, yes I said 40! So needless to say it's going to be tough to get off of but thankfully I do have 2 different companies that will still send me the Tramadol even after August 18th, it is just $20 more than usual. It's about $149 for 180 pills 50mg. Whats weird is I have no earthly idea who they are. They just been calling me for years and all they say when I pick up is, hello you want refill tramadol and I say yes then they say ok that will be $149 and it will be there within 3 days thank you and goodbye then they hang

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mt Says:

yep, i get those calls allllll the time! maybe i'll try them out

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Shelly Says:


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John Says:

I'm interested

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Shelly Says:

If u find out let us know.:)

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Ben Says:

Its a Schedule IV now which is the lowest controlled it can be and I only import for personal use. Ive read and re-read the FDA legislation and I think we still have the right to do this. I am not a drug dealer or a law breaker, I just refuse to pay so much for my medication.

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Raul Says:

Hi please help i will die from withdrawls where can i get some if you can plz help

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