Took 2 Linzess Capsules By Accident

Liz Says:

Hello. I forgot I had taken a pill earlier and just took another, will this hurt me? I have been on this medication for a while and just totally forgot I had already taken one. Thanks!

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CB Says:

Were you ok in the end? I'm getting tired of it not working and am considering doubling my 290 dose so I'd like to know what you experienced...

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David Says:

A single occasion of a double dose could possibly mean an increased risk of it's typical side effects in that moment; but I have my doubts that anything serious or long term would manifest as a result of this one time mishap. However, I too would be interested in hearing how things turned out for you Liz? Hopefully all is good!

Have any other patients here had a similar experience on Linzess?

For any newcomers on this medication, I see there are a number of other related discussion threads on MedsChat when you run a search for "Linzess" that may be worth checking out as well.

My best wishes to everyone who may be reading this!

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Amy Says:

I just did this today and I'm freaked out!! Were you okay??

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Tinkerbell Says:

I’ve been using 580 mcgs of Linzess and it’s been working better for me. I wonder if it’s safe?

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JeepGirl Says:

Re: Tinkerbell (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I'm on my 4th month of linzess 290 and it has been working great until about 2 weeks ago. I want to try and take an extra one, even if it's for just 1 day, to try and clean me out. This works good for you? Was it approved by the doctor? I need help

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Mar Says:

Re: David (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Yes I just did the same thing I took one and forgot then took another and I'm freaking out, but I can't do anything about it what happened? Where you ok?

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Mar Says:

Re: David (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Yes I took two linsess this morning by accident 290mcg. Nothing happened yet.

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Mar Says:

Re: Tinkerbell (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Omg you take 590mcg per day? Together? Is that how they are prescribed?

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