Tizanidine 4mg Or Soma 350mg Stronger

Annie b Says:

Was taking soma till my insurance put me on tizanadine 4mg once a day which does nothing is that a comparison choice?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Annie! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having.

No, none of the others are really as good as the Soma. The closest might be Skelaxin, which contains the active ingredient Metaxalone, so you may want to ask your doctor about trying it. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Squashy Says:

Hi I saw your thead and if your ins does want to oay for your soma, be aware that soma is an inexpensive medication. I used to get 120 and would pay $12 at sams club and $40 at a mom and pop pharmacy these were generic they worked well xanaflex works well if you take it with a pain medication as does soma.

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Travelgal Says:

My insurance quit paying for Soma too but I chose to pay the $11 for the 90 350mg generic Soma's because it is a superior drug. If you have a Sams club card you can get a nice discount thru the Sams pharmacy or a Walmart pharmacy, regular price was only $21 and my discount lowered it to $11 but I would of gladly paid the $21. Zanaflex is also really hard on your liver compared to Soma.

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Squashy Says:

Soma i always like combined with other meds, xanflex(tizandine) 4mg is also a good inexpenive medication. Xanaflex works by relaxing the body more so than soma i find its good for bedtime, soma doesnt put me to sleep but does help relax, if you take 3 soms at bedtime id say 1-2 4mg tizanidine would do it for you.

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Donna Says:

I have also been changed to zanaflex but my aunt told me about a muscle relaxer named parafon forte. what is your opinion stick with zanaflex 4mg or try the other muscle relaxer

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Donna Says:

No Annie do not change to skelaxin, it has no benefits at all.Try a muscle relaxer call parafon forte, it is the closest drug to Soma 350 mg. look it up it has been around forever. hope this helps-Donna

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richdoesit4dadrugs Says:

Zanaflex is the superior muscle relaxer. There was a study done with rats where the rats could tell between the zanaflex and placebo but not between the zanaflex, morphine, or diazapam. These studies were also done at very high doses. And everyone who's ever tried to take more than three somas knows, you get the opposite reaction. Such as nervousness, shakes, and an over all bad feeling.

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pebo16 Says:

hello, I'm new to this , my Pain Dr refused to prescribe my Pain meds last Friday because I was still on soma, but he had known this all along and prescribing my pain mefs, since Friday I don't have my pain meds and not suppose to take soma, then he'll see me in 10-12 days ,once the Soma is out of my system. he has told me 5 different stories , DEA & FDA fault, it was going of the market, not once did he tell since Nov that it was either or. now I've been so sick and my pain is a big ball all over and BAD, don't know was what or what to do.

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Lb1263 Says:

My doc asked me if I'd be willing to try Zanaflex, I've been taking Soma 350mg for about 6 years. The zanaflex is low dose, 2mg. He explained the differences of the medicines to me; soma tricks the brain into relaxing our mind, no actual effect on the muscles. This I've known. zanaflex actually blocks nerve signals to the brain to spasm, it affects your muscle tone and the ability to use all muscles as it actually relaxes the muscle. I'm hoping it works great for me, if not doc will go back to soma. Would love to read more people's thoughts on zanaflex! Thanks.

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Babydoll Says:

Is the pill I have good for muscel spasams on my back and hip it says R180 on it

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Suzisavage Says:

I've been on zanaflex for over a year, my pain mgmt doc refuses to write for Soma because it is heavily abused and it is on the same level as narcotics. I prefer Soma as I don't need tranquilizers when I'm on it, but zanaflex is said to work better. It interferes with pain signal transmission into the brain, so it does seem to decrease pain. LET ME WARN YOU it can cause coordination issues, read the information handout. The first couple days I took it, I was driving behind someone who kept pulling out to make a turn and stopping several times. The last time, I went to move my foot to the brake and my foot wouldn't move and I rearended the car in front of me. Fortunately there was only minor damage to the other car. Read the warnings and don't drive until you're used to it, or go skiing or any other activity where you need coordination. It's not that you feel impaired, it just affects your coordination.

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Travelgal Says:

I sure hope that you found a different pain management doctor. Soma is not the devil when taken with other medications. The problem is when people take more than the max dose of one 350mg pill with too many narcotics or they drink alcohol with their pain meds and Soma etc......, I'm not sure what you were on before but there is little danger when you take Soma as prescribed when it's with most narcotics. You just can't drink alcohol or take more than prescribed.

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Suzisavage Says:

if you google it r180 comes up as zanaflex.

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Diane Says:

Hi,my name is Diane and I just found out that my insurance company will not be giving me 350 mg. of Soma that I have been taking 3 or 4/day for years! They suggest Meloxicam or Tizanidine. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.

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azgirl Says:

When in doubt, I'll start taking them as prescribed. Most of us get to an addicted place because we do NOT follow the directions.

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Your Traveling Medical Gal Says:

Soma is cheap, don't let your insurance dictate the best muscle relaxer for you, thats really between you and your doctor. With my Sams Club discount I pay only $16 each month for my 350mg Soma, that's 3 pills a day. You can work and funtion on Soma. Tizanidine (Zanaflex) is very toxic to your liver, much more toxic than Soma and not great for long term use and tends to makes most people very sleepy. Meloxicam is not a muscle relaxer, it's an anti-inflammatory medication for arthritis, an nsaid. Tizanidine seems to have a shorter life where you should be getting at least 6 hours of muscle spasm relief from one 350mg Soma, some patients report upwards of 8 hours of relief. We recommend Flexril for night and Soma for day if you need help sleeping. We are not fans of Zanaflex or the generic form Tizanidine. Talk to your doctor. Soma is not an expensive medication and the generic works just fine. Walmart/Sams Club is probably the least expensive and you can use your Sams Club Card discount at any Walmart or Sam's Club Pharmacy for a 25%-75% savings depending on the medication that you pay out of pocket for. I can get 120 - 7.5/300 Brand named Vicodin for only $65 with my Sams Club Discount if paying cash with no insurance where my insurance pays $150 for the same script, it makes no sense why they mark it up and charge my insurance over twice as much.

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Your Traveling Medical Gal Says:

You should take Zanaflex aka Tizanidine as directed by your doctor and goby what's printed on your prescription bottle. Taking three 350 mg Soma at one time, well no doctor would ever prescribe you 1050mg of Soma to take at one time, thats how people go to sleep and never wake up and probably why you can no longer get anymore Soma.

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Burbot Says:

Xanaflex proved to be worthless for me.
It did absolutely nothing unless I took two 4mg pills. Then it worked for only three hours! And it made me very very sick. I'll never take it again. It is bad medicine!

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Anna Says:

Amazon Soma from 2008 until 2013 when I moved from Minnesota to Iowa the pain clinics in Iowa had refused to allow me to continue Soma do to a barbituate buildup in my bloodstream so they say all I know is the Soma gave me wonderful muscle control I got excellent sleep and for me 6 hours a night is excellent and my anxiety required less medication when they switched me over to Tizanidine I had seizures until they got the dose adjusted correctly by the time they drop the dose to where I wasn't having seizures the medication is basically ineffective I have two month supply and from time to time when I have difficulty sleeping I will take 16 milligrams with two milligrams Okolona fence and might get 4 hours sleep but then when you deal with chronic pain I guess it's better than nothing

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