Teva Lamotrigine Vs Mylan (Top voted first)

Sherri Says:

Has anyone tried Mylan Lamotrigine.
TEVA IS no longer manufactured.
I had to go to North star aka Amembic and has uncontrolled seizures with in 4 days for 2 night in a row.
I had every reaction possible including a rash and hives 2 trips to ER room on by
Ambulance because my balance was off and couldn't walk straight or see straight...
I found a left over bottle by teva manufacture and all symptoms stopped..
My pharmacist gave me a few choices he could order so I chose Mylan..
So the question I have has anyone taken Mylan manufacture of Lamotrigine and how did it work for you.
Also anyone else bad reaction to Northstar/Alembic
I am so scared to start on
Mylan and try it since I have few weeks left of an bottle of teva but my Dr wants to see me SOON to see if new brand is working...very terrified to try a new brand a second time

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Kevin Says:

Hello Sherri,

I'm going to be blunt because this is a serious matter. Your bodies reaction to medication is going to be different than others and basing your medical decisions off of the experiences of others is not only inaccurate but potentially dangerous. I understand your fear of trying new medications but the brutal reality is that without trying something you won't know your bodies reaction to it.

What I can say is that if you try the Mylan brand and it doesn't work for you and you start to experience the same symptoms you haven't completely wasted your time. By looking up the inactive ingredients in the Mylan brand and the North Star brand and comparing them to the inactive ingredients in the Teva brand you can see what possible inactive ingredients you are being triggered by. From there your doctor and pharmacist can look up the brands available and filter out the ones that have that trigger.

I don't want to sound robotic and like I don't understand your desire to get more information for comfort. I simply want to make sure that you trust your medical professionals more than the stories and experiences of others online. I hope that the Mylan brand works for you and that you are able to return to a good quality of life once you get on it.

Best of luck.

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Sherri Says:

Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message
thank you..yes I better leave it up to my doctor and the pharmacist and see if I'm going to have reactions from the Mylan brand and deal with it from there I should not make my own medical conclusions and risk my own help so thank you for your response and actually made sense and not the little bit of sense into me thank you so much

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