Tedral 25
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What are the affects of tedral 25?

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DiRAn Says:

I took Tedral daily to prevent asthma attacks beginning at the age of nine in 1969 and continued until it was taken off of the market. Non of the bad side effects I’ve seen in some of the posts here, but wonderful help for my asthma. After reading, I do wonder if it is the reason that I have always been easily distracted. Nevertheless, the reason I searched for info on tedral online today is that I am once again struggling with my asthma and would love to have the help that tedral always gave. Nothing available today seems to work, and it is much more expensive.

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Curt Says:

I used Tedral in the seventies and eighties. My Dr prescribed it to me as an as needed medication, I only took it when I had an asthma attack. Only side effect was racing heart and insomnia. It worked better than the inhalers at the time for me.

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Karmicchaos Says:

We really SHOULD be asking WHY it was removed from the market and why we can't find it anywhere today. I took it for 25 years...it was the ONLY thing that helped. When I was having an episode, I KNEW that after taking Tedral 25 that I would be able to breathe in a few minutes. That confidence and security is priceless. I wonder if investigations into that drug may have exposed long term side effects that the medical community feels we would be better off not knowing. There must be a reason behind the silence.

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Kizzy Says:

Where can I find Tedral tablet? Please let me know

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buddy Says:

is it possiable to still buy tedral tablets

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Chris Ryan Says:

Bad experiences since Tedral was removed from my life. Took for twenty eight years. This is the only drug that was effective for my life. Why effective drugs are removed is beyond me, inhalers in general are a joke. Can anyone tell me where I can get an eqivalent ot Tedral itself. Took since I was 2 years old. IT WORKS.

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Maui Says:

I'm looking too Bruce, in the same boat. Seems like it was pulled to be replaced with an expensive non-OTC alternative. Keep me posted if u learn anything and I'll do the same.

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Bruce Says:

Where can I find the medicne Tedral pills for my asthma it has been 20 years sence I last had them and the new stuff does not work. Any help would be great

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