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tjsr0906 Says:

I just took my 6th round of cyramza. I want to know if anyone else feels as bad as I do.

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Verwon Says:

I am very sorry that you're feeling awful! However yes, that frequently happens with these medications, while they can be life saving, they do a number on your body and take a toll temporarily. You may also be at increased risk of bleeding.

How are you feeling, now? Any better?

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tjsr0906 Says:

Not to much better. I received the results of my cscan back after the six rounds and the cancer has spreaded even more. New tumors appeared. I don't know what the doctor may say when I go Thursday because she advised me when I started Cyramza that if there is any growth I would have exhausted all the chemo and clinical trials available. I am very afraid of what she may tell me.

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