Yellow Tablet R A 313 - Clonazepam?

paul Says:

I have small yellow tablets with "R" and a curved line underneath, and "A" with "313" underneath on the other side. Can someone tell me if they are Clonazepam?

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nenene123 Says:

Is it possible that this is an older imprinted pill of something called Trilafon? It is used for thought disorders in adults. Adults who have scattered thoughts, or thoughts that interfere with every day life. I am fairly sure it is not Clonazepam. I have looked that one up everywhere I know to look and it is not described like the pill you are asking about at all. How old are these pills do you know? Do you have the bottle? If so it would have an NDC number on it. Let me know so I can be of better help. Thanks.

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Avalivs Says:

Can you tell me what thus tablet is called please it has A 313 on one side and r on the other and on pack say's 25mg and b84016-a and fo195 it is a light yelow but cnt see the name on the packet thank you x

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Jon Says:

They are Amitryptiline. An anti-depressant but mainly prescribed as a muscle relaxant. Also used as sleep aid. Popular for suicidal people who want to OD (I know from experience). Please confront your brother about this if they weren’t prescribed/he got these pills off the streets because it takes one bad day to want to swallow a bunch and hope you die.

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GiA Says:

Hi there, this is a really old post but could you tell me if you found out what the pill is? I found this in my pill case and can’t remember what it is. Most likely amitriptalyn though cuz that’s the only med I take

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Gingersnap Says:

Re: GiA (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Amitriptyline 25mg

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