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Can t-bact ointment be applied for active acne? Or any other type of acne?

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T-Bact contains the active ingredient Mupirocin, this is an antibiotic that is used topically, most commonly used to treat MRSA.

Has your doctor told you to use it for this?

If not, it is not advisable to do so, because it is not to aid in the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria when used improperly.


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Hey thanks Verwon, for ur reply.. but yes my doctor has asked to apply dis n i hve been getting good result.

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i have mosquito bites all over my hands which is like a tiny tiny dots with some scratch marks.
my sis-n-law suggested T Bact
as she used it for her son and found it to be good. what should i do. use or consult a doctor

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i recently had an accident n i've got my skin peeled off near my right eye..........i'm using t-bact.will it prevent my skin from getting a mark ?m really worried .m just 18

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i have got pimples. my boyfrnd suggested me that i use t bact ointment but i have not consulted a doctor. is it safe to use it? please answer asap

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I recenently met an accident and my skin got peeled off below my right eye and got 2 suture in my hand ... and my doctor advised to use the T-bact mupirocin ointment T-Bact ..

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Will it work for the mark

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ya u can use t-bact...same has happ 2 me am also use da same crem..... hope it ill not live a mark on da face.....

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yes, t-bact is effective for wounds and heals without leaving marks. I had an accident last year where the left side of the face was totally scratched on the road and the skin had peeled off. The wounds were deep. The doctor gave a tetanus and recommended t-bact to the affected area. Within a week, the face had healed remarkably. Within a month, the face was totally clean without even a scar.

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I had a severe sun-burn on my face this year. I have a sensitive skin. The face skin had wrinkled up and was burning to the touch. I tried various other things. After a week, i remembered t-bact that i had been using for many other injuries. I applied it and without 2 days, my skin is back to normal. I had in fact removed many other rashes and pimples on my face. I am really glad.

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Can i use t-bact oinment for insect bites?

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can I apply Metrogyl P instead of T-Bact oinment for tendon repairing steach(outside)

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Hi, Hot content has fell on my Left thigh and some portion got burned. Can I use T-Bact onitment for this kind of burns. Some portion got red color. Will this help to recover my skin back to normal.

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Hi priya Don't use T-Bact in pimples that has not any action on it use any clindamycin or benzoyl peoxide cream that more effective

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Had severe itching on my shins, buttocks n back shoulders before 2 years... Tried various anti allergens but of no help ... Gone fr various tests n everything was normal .... Finally doc gave dapsone n it helped .... I might be allergic to gluten that's what doc suggested n. stopped wheat for 6 months n again started it n nothing happened. But now after two years again have started getting d itching on shins n have started dapsone but not much relief.... What do I do?

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I have a burn mark on my face, though the injury is recovered but it has left a mark there. cn i use t-bact to get rid off this ugly mark now????

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I'm badly bitten by rainy season insect which initially were itchy now they have become wounds with puss. Can I use T.bact ointment on the wounds

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Is t bact cream heel chickenpox scars...plz suggest me can i apply or not

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My pet dog bitten by son on the nose and cause I am in dubai no doctors are ready to stitch the area. Kindly tell me can I use t bact on the area for dresing the wound and we fear it's little infected as well

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I had circumcision recently and had stiches all around. Doctor said stiches will comeoff eventually and doesnt need to take off. He checked after a week of surgery and said healing is good and it ll take 2 weeks to be completely normal.
But i am having lot of pain around stiches and very uncomfortable. I am applying T-bact ointment twice a day and no use. I can still see white skin and red blood covered skin around half the stiches.
Should i change the cream like Candid-b.
Doctor prescribed me antibiotics and pain killers for only first week, expect T-bact and Ultracet tablet if pain aggregate.

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Re: priya (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

It will be better if you apply the "dermadew" ointment.

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I've been applying t-bact ointment on my nose piercing and want to know how safe it is to apply?

How do I get rid of the pain and what should be done to heal the piercing faster? Please advise.

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Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Does T-bact ointment help to cure one lesion on my lip top.
Has it any other adverse effects?
Any alternative suggested cream.

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I had a burn wound by bike silencer..... 5 days before. Can i use t bact ointment.

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Can I use tbact to get cure I had a burn & I know I had a red skin swelling.so what to do can t bact be used

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