Symptoms Of Withdrawal 7 Weeks Post Acute

Maui Girl Says:

has anyone else had on going pins/a nd needles/tension/tremors after many weeks of detox? I was on 100mg fentanyl patch/benzos for spazms/and oxy 40mg a day for BT pain. I detoxed at Michaels House, which was a joke,a s they were very inappropriate for a medically dependent patient, not a street drug user. They did not tell me about any on going symptoms like this, and my Kaiser doc is clueless ( he is the one how prescribed all of the opiates!

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janedoe Says:

why all the med.s u where abviously in pain! where did it go who told u to get off it? wrong route to detox..try somethig to get your anxiety down then wean slowly off that.

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Verwon Says:

Those can be typical withdrawal effects, according to the FDA. If you weren't tapered properly, it may take several months for them to fully go away. They also warn that you may experience other symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, and rebound pain.

How are you doing, now? Has there been any change?

And yes, going to a detox/rehab center is not a good choice for those that have just been taking a medication as prescribed, and not abusing it, or actually addicted.

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