RedgageAngel Says:

I really need too know how is it possible to get addicted to methadone?i thought it didnt give you a euorphic effect! I am worried and need too know what too watch for since im taking it longterm for severe pain. I havnt been taking it much cuz ive dealt with addiction before,but I know at this point its the only solution I have left! please help,what are the signs and symptons I need too watch for?

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Verwon Says:

Just like any other drug, Methadone can affect everyone differently, so some people may get euphoria from it, which could encourage them to abuse it.

And Methadone is very well known to be habit forming, even in people that don't abuse it and only use it exactly as prescribed. This is actually called dependence, not addiction and it can occur with anything that you ingest regularly on a long-term basis.

The only signs for this that you can really watch for are withdrawal symptoms that may occur, when you don't take it. They can include: rebound pain, nausea, chills and depression.


Are there any other questions?

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Redgageangel Says:

Just wanted to say thanks for the input,and im glad I know what I need too watch out for!if any one has anymore feed back im more than greatful too u taking out the time too respond.

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Patti Says:

Since you are on methadone for long term chronic pain, I wouldn't worry about withdrawls. If and when your pain goes away (through surgery etc) your doctor will help you taper. You aren't addicted to it, you ae dependent, BIG DIFFERENCE..I have been on maintenance for 15 years, and I have never felt a hint of euphoria. Some people say they get high. But I never have. It makes me feel normal so I don't want other opiates..Hope this helped

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shaggy419 Says:

For me methadone helps me I'm several ways,helps with withdrawal and cravings to use obviously,helps with anxiety and sleep,helps with depression and aches and pains,and it also gets me going in the morning,a burst of energy,talking to everyone,feeling good about myself.So yea it helps me in all the categories I need it so that's going to be a problem.I feel 100 times better now clean on methadone than I ever did clean and not on methadone so if it comes down to it ima take a big step but it's a step that will help me in the long run and that is to stay on methadone.Might be a lifetime thing but I feel I need it so to answer u question,hell yea it's addicting

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