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olly81 Says:

My girlfriend has bipolor,OCD, Agoraphobia,and extreme anxiety to where it's actually crippling her.
She does see a Dr. who seems like he cares for his clients. He has her on Topamax, risperdal, Cogentin and .5mg of klonopin. Do think if she told her Dr. that the klonopin isn't workig and wanted to switch to 2mg xanax he would consider it. I mean her condition has been documented since she was 11yrs old she is now 28yrs

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David Says:

Regardless of what I or anyone else thinks, it is ultimately the doctors opinion that matters in this situation. If he is truly as compassionate as he appears to be, then I would think yes, he would consider it, based on what she tells him. It is important to be completely open with your doctor by all means so you can be sure they understand the situation to the fullest and get to know the patient directly. This will have the biggest impact on his decision to listen to her reasoning or not. Despite his credentials, he is still human :)

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Matt A Says:

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Klonpin is stronger and much longer lasting than xanax. I started on xanax and had to be moved up the kpins and thought I could go back to xanax but boy was that a mistake. The Xanax felt like nothing after I had been on Klonopin for a few months. I went back to, and stayed on kpins. To be honest with you I would look into different medications besides benzodiazepines. They were extremely hard for me to get off of Once I finally decided to. I am on different medications now that are non addictive that help me just as much as benzos

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Mason Says:

Re: Matt A (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Which medications are you on, comparable to benzos, that help with the same conditions? If you don't mind me asking?

I've been taking xanax for nearly 9 years. started at .5 mg 4x a day as needed and am now on 2 mg 2x day. I realize that klonopin has a much longer half life than xanax, however when I tried it (klonopin) it gave me really bad sleep paralysis and made me feel like a walking zombie. I think xanax is just as strong but just doesn't last nearly as long.

Either way i'd like to get off the benzos because I am most definitely encumbered by them.

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