Suboxone And Zubsolv

shai Says:

I was going to a sub dr for 3 yrs best doctor ive ever met... he went to jail 6 months ago n i have an appt monday with a new one but i was able to get suboxone while trying to find a new dr which might i add $1000 for the first visit is just ridiculous... should i go for the strips or zubsolv?

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Sometimes helpful Says:

I take 2 zubsolvs 5.7 mg tablets a day. I used to take the 8mg suboxone strips. Trust me stick with the suboxone. I would rather have 1 suboxone strip than 2 zubsolv tabs but my insurance doesn't cover suboxone.

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babygrl Says:

Omg subzolve SUCKS ive been on suboxone for a few years and my ins wont cover it anymore so now im suppose to be on subzolve and it has done NOTHING but throw in wicked withdrawal. Stick to subs id do anything for suboxone back

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Niele Says:

I think it's a little ironic that the "best doctor you ever met" is in jail! The zubsolvs are the same thing. Believe me I am on day 52 of a (truly) life altering detox from them. Obviously, my true advice would be "run, Forest, run," but that's not you're hearing today. Save your money. Same thing. Reckitt Benckiser had to be taken to court about having a monopoly.

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ALB502 Says:

I started on subs after being on methadone for sixteen years. I felt I had my life back for the first time in a long time. After taking subs for four months, my insurance notified me that they would no longer cover suboxone. I started on zubsolv in December 2014 and I HATE it. It is no where nearly as strong as subs. I take two tabs a day which to me feels equivalent to one sub. I can't afford the subs so I am stuck with zubsolv. It's better than nothing but if you have to pay for your script, get suboxone.

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niele Says:

Then quit takin them! You're getting them for practically free and complaining. Try getting red-flagged for a false reading on a drug panel for benzos & having to quit! I tapered to literally crumbs of zubsolv & still went through a detox I can't even put into words! There's SOMETHING in that pill! If you really & truly hate it-be proactive. Start making phone calls and "noise." Social media can be a powerful tool.

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Sometimes helpful Says:

I too was given a false benzo reading on my drug panel. My doc walked in and the first thing he said was, "What benzo did you take?" I told him that I didn't take anything other than my zubsolv. He didn't take them from me, I guess the lab results proved the cheap drug panel wrong. But in all honesty I would rather have the zubsolv than nothing because I dont have to worry about trying to find a fix and blowing all of my money. Pain pill addict for 10 years and been battling it for 4 years. I don't want to be high, I just want to be normal. And I just started the zubsolv in January. I do feel normal, and like I have my life back. I'm now in college for engineering.

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Niele Says:

I think it is fantastic when people turn their lives around; but YOU did that, not a pill, okay? At some point I hope that you will have enough faith to do it without the help of chemicals-because that's just not REAL, sweetheart.
I would also hold some back, just in case, because you never know. I truly believe "God" wanted me off of them because bizarre things kept impeding me from getting them. Really weird stuff. Long story....
Keep an eye on the media too. People are getting mad (I'm furious) because it was never explained that Buprenorphine/Naloxone is incredibly hard to come off of. It has a very long half-life and supposedly (I say supposedly because they actually don't know lol right?) it can take up to year to completely withdraw. Yeah, these "Drs." don't like to tell you about that. Ask yours about PAWS-he will minimize it or change the subject. Only 2% succeed in withdrawing. wishes to you always! It's WAY better than the other stuff. All the behaviors..

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Sometimes helpful Says:

Thank you for your kind words and advice. And yes I do realize it was me that changed my life. I do hate the fact that I rely on an alternate chemical to keep me in check because just like you said keep some back. I've had a few times where I couldnt get them. I live in ky and when we had all that snow the first time, the nurse had called my script in to the wrong pharmacy. And the Dr is only in m,t,w and he couldn't get in to his office due to the weather. I was without for 9 days. But here's the biggest b**** of all. I had detoxed from sub's and was dead sober from Jan 2014. But august 2nd my fiance died in a car accident leaving me as a 24 year old single father of my 11month old. I loved her so much and the thought of my son not having his mother drove me insane. I went to a Dr to get some kind of mild sedative but was treated like an a**hole. I started back on the 30s and whatever I could get. After a month or 2 I couldn't find the pills anymore. All I could find was opiates. So that's what I used to keep myself numb. But in December I had a decision to make. Buy a few caps at $40 a price or buy my son Christmas presents. I bought him a jumpolene and some other things, spent nearly $300 on him and went to the DG and bought some detox medicine, immodium, Tylenol pm, and Gatorade. I had called to make an appointment for suboxone treatment but couldnt get in until jan 8th. Started detox on Dec 18 and on the 29th my Dr called and told me to come in. I've been taking subzolv since and I've been thinking about tapering myself because like you said, the longer the half life, the longer the withdrawals. I've saw videos on YouTube where people have been detoxing from sub's for 42 days. That scares me, I'm a father, a student, and I have a job. I can't let withdrawals get me down. I hope anybody with addiction can come back from the hell they have entered. It is a long hard road.

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Danny78 Says:

I was a opiate addict for 8 years then got clean and on suboxone for 3, then outa nowhere they told me I had to go on Zubsolv. Easy. Everyone is different. Suboxone was definitely better at keeping the cravings at bay though. I didn't even want a drink on suboxone. But Zubsolv I like a drink then I crave. So basically, it's not harrowing swapping over but depending on who you are it could be detrimental on the Zubsolv.

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niele Says:

It seems like when bad things happen, there's some kind of domino effect & everything starts going wrong. I am very sorry to hear about your fiancé.
I was fishing around on here to see what would happen if I only used once...too chicken to start a thread myself. If I knew it would send me back to day 1 withdrawals, no way! There's my confession.
Do you know why people with broken legs use crutches? Because they need them. Obviously, right now you need the zubsolv. I'm actually jealous! I have no connections!!! I believe that, for whatever reason, I'm supposed to be clean. I don't know why that has to be ...or when I'm going to start feeling like "me" though. It's very frustrating.
You hang in there. It could be so much worse.

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ALB502 Says:

Niele, I was reading this thread when I noticed your "detox you couldn't even put into words". May I ask what you were hooked on before the zubsolv? Obviously, my doctor says she's had people come off with no withdrawals. My friend was hooked on opioids and methadone and said the suboxone detox was unimaginable. I'm just curious if you're doing any better and what drug you would compare your sub detox to. I was on roxis before the methadone and wished I would have never started with the methadone. Now I'm getting scared I will never be able to stop the zubsolv. I have to say, Suboxone was the best thing to ever happen to me, but I notice a lot of cravings and headaches with the zubsolv. I'm managing to stay clean but it's a lot harder than it was on subs. Anyway, I hope you're feeling better and your detox is over. Please let us know. I've always hated to see someone sick from withdrawals.

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jonny Says:

There are generic suboxone and my insurance pays for them. 5721/93 are identifying numbers .look it up and pass it on

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Sometimes helpful Says:

If you don't mind me asking, which insurance do you have?

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Mel1984 Says:

If I took a half piece of zubsolv in the morning, can I take a half piece of suboxone later in the day?

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Shotout Says:

I tried Suboxone from friend, worked great, lots energy, clear headed, then Dr. Gives me Zubsolv, I feel lousy. Whats going on? Dr. Don't understand ya know.

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tree Says:

I was wondering if you can take suboxone and zubsolv together (in the same day) and if you can't, what would happen if you did?

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amy Says:

Why did my doctor give me two scripts for zubsolv and suboxone at the same time, but the pharmacy said I could only only fill one or the other? Can I take zubsolv and suboxone at the same time?

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Shar57 Says:

That would be the same thing as subutex. Just make sure u don't have any other opiates in ur system. U need at least 24 hours or more depends how long uve been on opiates, to get low enough that the zubsolve or subutex won't try and block it. like a war going on in ur body.

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Meathead Says:

Is there any transition going from Suboxone to Zubsolv? I've been on Suboxone for 4 years. My Doc says there is but it's minimal.

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Jyx Says:

Re: Sometimes helpful (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Where do you live?

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