Suboxone And Heroin

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justsin6 Says:
i took 8 mg suboxone at 5am. when can i take heroin again?

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A Friend Says:
NEVER. Don't be foolish.

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Crystal Says:
First: when taking suboxone it is very dangerous to combine any drugs with them.

Second: Heroin in itself is dangerous, you should seek help right away, there are numerous ways to help you.

Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do.

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justsin6 Says:
i posted this, i was just wondering because i didn't want to waste the heroin, does anyone know how long i should wait, it was 6 am when i took the sub just wanted to know when it was ok to do the other

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justsin6 Says:
ok apparently it worked just fine, you two who commented should know i wanted ifno, i realize they are bad that is not an answer to a question, just a statement. these sites are designed to ask questions and get answers to the best of ones ability not an for future reference you clog up space by giving your opinion and not attemting to actually answer the question. so please remember that

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Nicky Says:
If u have taken subbi a ful 8mil at least 24 hour mate u wil get nowt from dig as u no subutex r ful ov blocker all tho they r good if u snort thm if u ent had no gear in a wile take it easy and b careful bruv

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Ryan Says:
Suboxone has a 36 hour half life. Wait that long and you'll be fine. Wait any less and its your risk.

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Susan Says:
Crazy-risking your life-go to REHAB!!!!!

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Susan Says:
You are the type of person who wants people to feel bad for you, wake up smell the coffee, we are all just getting by in this life with minimal pain control & people like you are why Doctors won't write much needed narcotics for us good people that have severe chronic pain. You have pain but it is mostly mental & not body, you need to go through & read all these posts on all these site & see what we suffer. People like you are the type that will eventally lead to your own destruction & after you have used abused your family & friends - your drug use will lose u everything in your life wake up !

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Susan Says:
To:Justin6- I understand you just wanted to post a question & do not want others advice- well that is not going to happen- please get help before your close your eyes 1 night & don't wake up ! We only want what is best for you & what you are doing is playing with fire ! I will be praying for you !

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Heroin Addict/Junkie Scum Says:
You can take a Suboxone and shot heroin about 5 hrs after take the sub- I don't know how much of the heroin you'll feel- Seems pretty worthless to waste dope like that- WAIT AT LEAST 24 Hrs so you can at least feel something???

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Susan Says:
Heroin/addict- seems like you could careless about a human life, take your own advice & stop giving it to others- this is a serious situation-you need rehab & God !

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mark Says:
I understand everyones opinions here. But everyone shouldnt be so preachy and acting like they are better than everyone else. If you dont like the question, dont answer it.

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Hope 4 all Says:
This is to Mark, No one is being preachy as you put it, we are only given out our opinion as we do in these sites & we all only want to see this man off of drugs before he dies ! You need to think twice yourself about us thinking we are better than others as in fact it is just the opposite, what we want is actually something better for others & if you don't like these replies maybe it is you that shouldn't be on these posts as you seem not to care that this man has a very serious addiction & is on 1 drug to help stop his craving for heroin yet his is asking how long to wait so he can shoot it up. I care about people as I have read there posts I see only a few people that care & other that are not are not giving him advice on how long that he should wait before taking the heroin there seems to be some that do care also & are only giving him positive thoughts to hopefully help him get off these drugs as it seems he doesn't want to even while taken the suboxone.

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Sid_Vicious Says:
I agree with Mark; There are some ridiculous comments here - rising life etc. Obviously the OP is a long time heroin user - my personal comment would be - when and why did he take suboxone? Did he want to get clean then took the sub too soon, feels ill and so wants to use H again? This sounds likely. In this case then he can use gear whenever he wants - it just wont do much unless he's prepared to risk OD on pinning up a teenth. The longer he waits the more he will get off the gear. After 10 hours after taking 8mg sub, if you are still feeling ill the gear will make you feel much better. Also, for me, mixing the two has a strange effects in as much as my withdrawal symptoms virtually disappear for over 24 hours. Having said that, if he has been on sub for 3 or 4 days or more then it will be well in his blood and the gear will do naff all for at least 24-36 hours. Having said that, he should be feeling better by 24-36 hours anyway. I wish people would preach elswhere. If he wants help he can go to NA. I hope he does. But he just wanted an answer to his question.

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Sheila Says:
To Sid, like the name you used lol. I have read these post & think that anything said was to help this guy. Also it seems like he is just trying to get some attention because by posting that he should know better because you are not going to get a quick answer that was needed, instead you go to a search engine & get the answer asap ! Anyone else agree that a search engine such as Google etc would be the way to go or is it better to sit around waiting & hoping someone will post an answer to something you need to know asap ? Also on a search engine the advice would be true & accurate which in a comment post like this or any it is just people giving their opinion. Good luck to you sid you do make a good point though.

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TeDD Says:
YO Listen SUSAN, you dont know how it is to be an addict so shut ur mouth. WTF are u even on this forum for ??

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JG Says:
Ive been taking suboxone for about 2mnths I want to shoot some dope how long do I have to wait? If anyone knows please let me know and please no comments about how heroin is bad i already know that

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Dr.Lurker Says:
Suboxone binds to opiate receptors irreversably - once you take it, all the receptors that bind to it are out of circulation until they are replaced by normal mechanisms, which takes 72 hrs on average to complete, as 1/3rd of all receptors are recycled every day. The longer you've been on it, not only are more receptors filled, but because suboxone is an incomplete agonist, your tolerance to other opiates is gradually resolving. If you've been using suboxone for 2 months, and decide to wait the 3 days so that any heroin you use actually can bind to a receptor and have an effect, rather than not having anything to bind to and being metabolized by the liver before you feel it's effect, you MUST DECREASE your usual dose or you will OD on what would normally simply make you a little high. Most of the documented OD deaths on suboxone patients are from this phenomenon - people relapsing into their addiction, and taking what used to be a 'just enough' dose, then keeling over dead because their bodies can't handle that much anymore. If you are getting the suboxone from a Dr., I urge you to call them and let them know you are having problems and at a high risk of relapse right now, because you need help. If you're buying it on the street, give it 3 days or you're wasting your money, and even then be VERY CAREFUL, you can OD now MUCH EASIER than you could before.

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Lori Says:
by Harvey L. Doss

I came into this world totally lost
A need to be found at any cost
One day I realized I was in distress
Then someone told me about G.P.S.

But you see I was broke and had no funds
And found myself poor like all Adam's son's
It was shown to me how to have great success
If only I had the G.P.S.

I searched everywhere and tried to buy
Just had to have it before I die
Then someone showed me how to have success
A free gift to all this G.P.S.

If you know that you're lost
Let me show you the way
Confess your sin's now
And to JESUS CHRIST pray

This gift has been given to everyone


All God's best,
Bob Zemeski
Leixlip, Co. Kildare, Ireland
/} Sword of the Spirit-Ephesians 6:17
@#####{ ]::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>
\} Use it Daily!
Jesus is the KING of Kings and LORD of Lords!

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Proud Athiest Says:
Lori-- how in the HELL does this relate to the OP's question? I'm so sick of Christian's trying to convert people like they have since the religion was first born.

Is it not enough to goto church every Sunday? You feel the need to spread the good word to everyone, even on a website where a man is asking a question about how to get high? He didn't ask I'm thinking of becoming Christan, did he?

The bible, while teaches *some* good morals, is usually taken completely out of context and causes more harm then good. And don't get me started on all the great scientific data it has (the creationist museum? seriously?)

I'm just so sick of religious nuts trying to put it off to other people. I was a protestant and while in Sunday school was kicked out for asking too many questions.. i.e. How did Noah get all of the animals from all continents onto one boat? // A man lived in a giant fish for 3 days?? // He turned her into a pillar of SALT? What an asshole! etc. Apparently since I legitimate questions, using something called Critical Thinking as a boy, they felt I was disruley and kicked me out. lol such a loving church. (read some history of what it has done over the last millennium;;; Lots of murder, scams, etc... fun stuff!) Sadly, these things still go on today, in 2009, in the name of religion. I mean, really?

This man just wanted a simple question asked, he didn't ask to be bombarded with religious interjections. Go talk to your church group instead of pushing it onto others. Religion is a cancer it seems, it will probably destroy the world.. just like in the good book.. except not by an invisible man, but rather, by us humans, fighting over... yea, you guessed it, religion.

My apologies for blowing up on you, as you yourself really didn't do much more than offer a simple poem, but even throughout this thread I've seen plenty of posts about God, and it's ridiculous. Do you encounter atheists preaching how great it is? How you don't have to feel like s*** for sinning (.ie. Oh no! I thought of a woman with bad thoughts.. I sinned and I'm a horrible person. God save me.. =/ ) . It's called Human Nature.

I'm starting to write a novel here, and perhaps I should? I've just been seeing WAY too much of this s*** lately and I'm sick of it.

Keep your religion to yourselves; there is no reason to be a recruiter for the most corrupt organization throughout mankind's history. Thanks.


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