Stopping Xarelto Due To Bleeding

Araceli Says:

A fall produced a cut and abrasion. Bled for 5 days so stopped xarelto 15 mg/day. Had taken for 4 months for DVT. Am now on 5th day without xarelto. Blood is still oozing slightly but clotting well. Do I wait until the bleeding has stopped before restarting xarelto? Doctor is unavailable.

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Steve Says:

I would get to some Doctor first and sooner the better.
I thought I seen other bleeding problem posts but now can't find them.
I worry about the possibility of internal bleeding, so far so good but seeing your post and others I think if a small cut won't stop bleeding in days then an internal bleed would be deadly

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Jewelzroze Says:

While it is late now, if you're still on Xarelto or any blood thinner I'd recommend keeping some WoundSeal on hand. It's available on the internet and in many pharmacies.

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Verwon Says:

Anytime you experience a cut that bleeds for that long, you should seek medical attention. Prolonged bleeding can be dangerous. External bleeding can be as dangerous as internal.

Another idea is to try butterfly bandages to help seal the cut. A little while ago, I cut my finger very badly on the blade to my food processor, and when it kept seeping, my husband picked up butterfly bandages, he used them in addition to regular bandages to draw the edges together and stop the bleeding.

However, if you have thin blood due to a medication like this, such a solution may not not always work.

The FDA also warns that this medication may cause nausea, dizziness, headache, and easy bruising.

Is there anything I can help with?

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Terri Says:

Go to the ER right off they can help ya if ur Dr isn't around..

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Karen Says:

I was admitted to the hospital for severe low blood critical 5.4 I had to get 4 units of blood also found PE in lungs was put on xarelto 15 mg 2x a day I have internal hemmroids when I came home I was just sitting and all of a sudden I started to bleed from anal and it wouldn't stop It finally stopped after awhile I lost alot of blood so I stopped taking the Xarelto I went to the drs. the following day and was told only take 15 mg once a day so I did when I moved my bowels I bled again like a pig I think I lost a unit of blood already I am not taking that Xarelto anymore I am going to be going in for surgery to have hemmroids removed but you can take that Xarelto and shove it I will go on coumidin and go threw having INR and having to watch vitiamin K at least with that bleeding can be stopped with Xarelto it can't this is a dangerous drug if you ask me

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Mare Says:

You should have a PT (Prothrombin Time) test to see where you are. The downside of not taking blood thinners is another dvt or PE which is very dangerous.

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