Stopping Suboxone After Taking Only Month

rcknrbn Says:

If I have only been taking 8 mg. of suboxone a day for one month, can I stop suddenly without withdrawals?

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Verwon Says:

No, it will still most likely cause some withdrawals, if you stop abruptly.

As listed by the FDA, the withdrawal effects may include nausea, dizziness, fever, chills, rebound pain and diarrhea.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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lazerlazer Says:

I would assume you would have a typical withdrawal scenario. NEVER make a decision on medication on whether to change dosages (in this case significant) on your own ESPECIALLY going off anything cold turkey after being on the med for a month. Depending on the medication, there can be some severe consequences. Not necessarily for Suboxone but I personally think you should talk with your physician about it. I'm not sure how it works but if you leave the program, and say the withdrawal symptoms just become too much for you, will you be able to get into the program again? As someone who is both in the health field as well as a Suboxone user myself, I think this would be the best way. Generally, tapering off slowly is the best way to come off of many medications and ovoid any potential problems for yourself. Just some thoughts NOT the final word.

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dorothy Says:

NO!!! I was only taking 1 mg of suboxone for a month when I tried to get off, the withdrawal was horrible. I failed and got back on suboxone on day 8 because I got no sleep the whole time, by no sleep I mean maybe I slept 15 minutes here and there, but for all intents and purposes I got no sleep. Will try again soon using clonidine as a sleep aid. 8 mg is was to much to try and jump off of, you will be miserable

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Anon Says:

No, and expect the withdrawals from the subs to last longer than withdrawals from pain pills.

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8 Says:

No way you're going to have withdrawals but only a MIG or 8 mg a day for a month I mean you're probably going to still look at a week or we can have two weeks of feeling crappy but it's not as bad as if you were on 3-day or if you are on methadone or something u will live

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Beth Says:

I've had to have the pain meds for orthopedic surgeries. In 6 yrs I've had 10 surgeries. About the time I start really healing I end up needing another surgery for something. It all started with falling in 2012, and continued since. I've had so much narcotics in my later life that its turning on me & kicking my butt.and not helping pain! I just had a reverse shoulder replacement, then2 wks later,fell again and had my 4th surgery. Anyway I got on buprenorphine, 2 mg and i only take them about start cutting them in half taking myself off. Works good.

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