Stomach Pain And Loose Motion

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I have been having this( stomach pain and loose motion) for more than a year.
Previously it was after eating non veg, but now after eating even veg im getting stomach pain.
I showed some doctors, one said it was bacterial infection due to improper cooked beef.
After eating the medicine i was feeling much better. After the course was over and started eating non veg , it came back.
Now even if i take veg im having stomach pain and loose motion.
What could be the reason and its solution?

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Verwon Says:

Well, this site is not medical professionals, so we can't possibly guess at what is causing your problem or prescribe anything to provide you with a solution.

There are many possiblities, you may still be suffering from the same infection, the course of medication you were on, might not have been strong enough or long enough to clear it up entirely.

It sounds like your diet is a bit inconsistent at the moment and this can also have an effect on it.

It is also possible that something specific you are eating could be causing it, such as dairy products, from being lactose intolerant or from wheat based products if they have Celiac disease.

Perhaps there is some information here that can help you: Abdominal Pain Click Here

Are you still seeing a doctor for this? Have you tried any natural or over the counter remedies?

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Kiran Says:

Im still having the problem, so im planning to see a doctor..
Can you suggest me some natural remedies which i can try??

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I have been having this stomach pain and loose motion) for more than a year. now wheni eat non veg my stomch get pains and loose motion starts ... doctor told that stomach got infection ....i need your suggestion ....and home remedies for loose motion

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sadanandan Says:


Any problm in stomach can be cured through kapalbati. ie. give maximum exercise to ur stomach.
mind there is nothing delicate, or hard object in ur somach. Breath in... and then breath out with force.
during the force breath out pull ur stomach maximum in.
this will reduce all ur stomach probelm. Not only that
by doing so ur resistive power will increase. Mind,
ur stomach is the central governmnt of ur body. This
only produces/helps to produce all encymes in ur body.
Even ur joint pain.. including knee pain is because
the sinovial fluid is not being produced by the stomach
because of aging/lack of stomach exercise

Best wishes

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anidag Says:

I am diabetic for last 18 years . My problem is of sticky stool, takes time for cleaning and overall time for completing motion, due to watery n sticky stool . No stomach pains,no acidity and no constipation problem. How to stop this. Colonoscopy -in 2006 was OK . I have moderate food & Pure veg . Please suggest.

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