Starting Suboxone Today After 4 Year 60 A Day 10mg Norco

needHelp Says:

I got an RX for suboxone the other day and i will be finishing up all my norco and starting subs later tonight. I have been taking norco for about 4 years and i can take up to 60 pills of 10mg norco in a day! i take 4 at a time and keep taking them until i feel normal. my tolerance is incredibly high. so in the morning ill usually take up to 20 and i will be good until later. then at night same routine and usually more then 20 and i still function completely normal and nobody even knows im on anything. It is crazy to me how I am a 25 year old female 145lbs and can take that many in a day. well i have spent all my money and savings and i am done with Norco. it has ruined my life and i had to end up quiting my job in the medical field because it was so stressful wondering if i had enough pills everyday to get me through the work day! I keep pushing off starting the suboxone but i have 20 pills left. i will take those today and start the suboxone when i go into withdrawls. For me, i can take 30 pills and then take a 5 hour nap and 2 hours after waking up be in withdrawal with sweats anxiety stomach cramping nose running and yawning but im sure that 7 hours without norco is not long enough to go before taking the suboxone. I dont know how i will wait 12+ hours when i already feel so bad after only 7 hours without! my last dose today will probably be around 1pm today. I will then try to sleep as long as possible and then when i wake up see how long i can wait. Im so scared of how sick i feel so soon and so scared to go into precipitated W/D.

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jolter Says:

Yes, wait as long as you can before taking subs. P.W. will put you in the emergency room at hospital and they won,t know what to do. You need to wait as long as you can. 16-18hrs Don,t mess around with this!

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Cats68 Says:

Hi needHelp! I was in the same situation as you. I was on Oxy for almost 10 years. I would take 13-14 at a time, 3 times a day. I had a prescription for them, but, I would always run out early. I was spending a lot of money to get extras. I am an RN and have many medical problems. So, I had to leave my job and go on SSDI. I was so sick of the vicious cycle of being addicted to pain pills. And like you, I had a high tolerance. I'm on suboxone now and my life is SO much better. Just make sure you're in withdrawals before you start the suboxone, or, you will really be sick. I thought I'd share my experience with you because it's similar to mine. Good Luck! Let us know how you are doing.

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needHelp Says:

Well you got it right jolter.. I took it too soon and just got out of the ER. The docs had no idea what to do and actually prescribed me more norco ! I tried to explain how it works and they just didn't get it. I waited 13 hours and I felt really sick and still ended up in pre w/d. After I took it I thought I felt better but then boom I started sneezing uncontrollable and dripping sweat. My heart was beating out of my chest and sent me unto a full blown panic attack. So I know I should have just waited a little longer and taken another suboxone but I felt so s***ty so I just popped some norco and I do feel better even though I know you should not take them after suboxone . Now I have to start all over and I'm scared s*** less :( cats I'm scared it won't work for me and it's so hard for me to get passed even a few hours without feeling awful.

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needHelp Says:

i posted another comment that said it had to be approved over 15 hours ago so lets see if this one posts,,,well i ended up in the ER!! I was in withdrawal after about 13 hours and i just couldnt take it anymore ..i read peoples stories online saying they waited shorter times and were fine. so i messed up and took the suboxone after 13 hours and at first i thought i was going to be fine but then after 20 minutes i had the most uncontrollable hard sneezes that hurt and then the sweat starting pouring and i was shaking on the floor. my heart was pounding out of my chest so i had to goto the ER. the doctors had no idea what suboxone or precipitated w/ds were so they actually told me that i should not stop norco cold turkey and gave me an rx for 25 10 mg norco and clonodine. i tried to explain that i shouldnt take norco after suboxone that it probably wouldnt work and that because i was using suboxone i was not qitting cold turkey but they didnt get it. so i got home and was still feeling like s*** so i popped 12 norcos and felt better. i slept for awhile and now i just got some more norco to get me through tonight and after my last dose tonight i will sleep and start the w.d process again. i feel better prepared this time and i read great reviews about clonidine helping the effects of W/d so i will definitely be waiting much longer. im so scared to go through that again it was the most horrible feeling i have ever felt.

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MistyBee Says:

I was taking 20 10mg Norco at a time four times a day. I wanted to stop but was terrified of the withdrawal. Finally got up the courage to get Suboxone sublingual film. I waited about 18 hours after my last Norco to start. When you put it under your tongue, make sure you spit out the saliva it generates. Also got a low dose script for Xanax just to fight the anxiety I was feeling. It was a friggin' miracle!!! I was on the subs for one week and the xanax for about two weeks after that and then nothing. I feel human again! Good luck!!!

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I will pray for you! I was takin less oxycodone that you have been taking. I was taking between 100 and 120 mg a day or less (60mg a day) for at least for a couple months. Then I had surgery and they gave me the oxys and morphine and timed released oxycontin 20mg to go home with so my dosage went up higher still around 120-150mg a day for three weeks. I was getting sick taking the drugs and even sicker when I tried to stop on my own. I had suboxone so I took ten 10mg oxys (I still had 20-30 left but knew I couldn't make it to my next pain management appointment before running out so I had to quit) I then waited for 14 hours (of hell) and took two 2/8 suboxone, my withdrawal didn't go away so I took another one. It seemed like it wasn't going to work and even felt like I pushed myself into worse withdrawal, but then when I felt like nothing or no one could help me I laid down prayed some more and an hour or two later I woke up and the withdrawals were gone. I was told to wait 24 hours after my last pill. Listen to your doctor and follow their instructions. They say if you take the suboxone too soon it will send you right into withdrawals and then there is not much anyone can do. I'm currently weaning off the suboxone and dread withdrawals. My heart goes out to you and you WILL be in my prayers.

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