Started Fentanyl 50mg 2 Days Ago With 15mg Breakthru And Pain Is Intolerable It Safe To Take 30mg Roxicodone Patch

Juliette Says:

I have had severe chronic nerve pain in my lower back from a botch-up surgery for 7 yrs. I was taking roxicodone 30mg with percocet 5/325 for breakthur til 2 days ago, my doc prescribed fentynl patch 50mg along with 15mg roxicodone for breakthru. having serious pain, is it safe for me to double the 15? I feel like I would be literally double-dosing but the pain is intolerable. I hope someone out there can offer me some good advice or a solution.

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David Says:

Hi Juliette, Sorry to hear about your challenges with pain.

Based on your description, it looks like the doc has substituted the percocet as well as 15mgs worth of roxicodone for the fentanyl patch. And this is just my theory but it seems to me that he's trying to taper you down off the roxicodone, perhaps as a way to keep your tolerance in check. I would probably encourage you to ask him about "WHY" he made that decision so you can at least be on the same page with where he stands in the matter.

Not being a doctor, I can't tell you that it's ok to double up on your dose of roxicodone without his prior approval. But as far as drug interactions are concerned, there don't appear to be any complications involved with doing so, if that's what you end up deciding to do regardless of what your doctor tells you. So in the end, it is ultimately your decision to make, but you would inevitably run out of your script sooner than you can get it filled if you did double up...which would create more problems down the road. If you've already taken this into account though, I would still inform your doctor that you're not getting the same kind of relief you had on the previous set of medications, in hopes that he will listen and make adjustments before you run out of your roxicodone.

I hope this helps!

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jp Says:

I was on roxi 15 and 100mg after my 5th lower spinal surgery.I had l4 l5 and s1. It worked really good to kill the pain and be pain free. But once they take the patches away you won't find anything to take the total pain away

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BrokeBack Says:

Please someone HELP ME!! I'm not sure what to? My back has fractured from t4-t-12 as of last week..., yes I do have DDD& Opserp . I have so much pain daily but very blessed to be still walking even with a cane, I do realize my situation can always be worse. I'm on 25mcg /every 72 hours w/oxycondone 10/325 every 8 hours for break through, honestly I don't remember an hour in the last 2 years of not feeling or crying in pain. I pray I will see relief sooner than later. If you guys pray..., please pray for me. I take my medicine for relief not to FEEL a buzz, like some of the messages I have read. I'm sorry, but I wished I could say I Only have or had a slipped disc! Oh, see I forgot to mention my c1-c5 all are hern.
Oh and yes FDA is very important in my state. And THEY SAY I'm on maximum amount op for break through, and afaird of asking for help on updating my fentanyl to a higher dose. Btw, how do you guys sleep at night, my pain seems to worsen at night, help !!!

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Clem Says:

Be smart and ask your Dr and ask him if a dose increase is possible. He will probably tell you to stay on current dose to get accustomed to it. Do not rush into an increase.

If you double the dose u will run out and then have none leaving the Dr to leave you with nothing. If you were my patient and you went off prescribed dose I would drop you. Then the pharmacy would flag you. Is that what you want.

If you really are in pain then follow the Dr's orders.

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Ang Says:

Juliette, I am no Dr but I also suffer from a lot of hern.discs, bulging, and degenerative disc disease. Unfortunately I don't get anything for breakthrough pain... I am currently taking 75mg fentanyl every 48hrs. It's a shame that the "police" can tell a dr what they can or can't write to their patients!! I don't know about anyone else but I think it's BS!! These so called lawmakers Did Not go to med school!! And it irks me to see a known abuser / junkie (their name was in the local paper, small town) in my Drs office getting more than I get and they are either selling their pills / patches or totally abusing them and We are the ones paying the price. It's a sad day when Drs can't be Drs anymore, my opinion.

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Thomas Says:

Hello, I live with constant pain also and understand as few others will. You need to engage in very regularly conversation with your dr. Explain that you aren't receiving anywhere near an effective dose of your Fentanyl and while you do understand that it does take time to arrive at an amount that will provide the best relief that you are capable of. He should very strongly consider increasing your dosage sooner than later. I don't believe that any rational person would want more pain medication than they absolutely must have you require an increase with an eye to finding what your ultimate requirement will be. I do little things to help me get through my day, such as taking my Oxicodone pills and cutting them up and taking one and one half twice throughout the day and just getting in bed earlier and remaining still. This way, I am able to do even small things.

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