Sprintec Missed Period

Morgan Says:

I am on my second pack on sprintec (generic orthocyclen). I missed my first pill of the pack and when I looked online and it said it was okay to start a pack one day late and to take the first pill and throw the missed one away and that no backup contraception was needed. So I just took my pill at the normal time the next day and took the rest of the pack as normal. I had unprotected sex three days after starting the new pack and then I found more information that said I should have waited a week before having unprotected sex. My period is now later than normal, but I have had signs and symptoms of my period, but they could also be signs of pregnancy. I took a hpt today on the day I thought I would start bleeding and it was negative. My mother had a heart attack on the second week of my pack so I was under a lot of stress. Could this delay my period or cause it to even be missed all together? What are the chances I could be pregnant. I read that the reliability of the pregnancy test was pretty accurate if taken on or after the day of expected period. Please help!

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Morgan! Sorry about what you've been going through, especially your mom's heart attack. How is she doing?

And to clarify for future reference, if you start them on the first day of your menstrual cycle, you are immediately protected. However, if you start them at any other time, then yes you have to take them for a full week, before you would be protected from pregnancy.

Thus, at this point it's difficult to say. Your period could be delayed due to the stress, or you could be pregnant. Most tests aren't accurate if you take them when you're only a day or so late.

You are on the placebo week, right? That's the week you're expecting your period?

Because if you're still taking active tablets, then you wouldn't be expected to have your period yet and wouldn't be considered late.

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Morgan Says:

Yes I am on the fifth day of my placebo pills

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Beth224 Says:

I started Sprintec 28 day tablet birth control on August 16th and my last pill was on September 12th. I had a 28 cycle that month, my periods we're irregular before the pills and I think I may have ovulated for the first time in years, not really 100% sure on that. It's October I haven't taken anymore pills so the 12th was my very last one. I've read when taking Sprintec if you stop taking them your cycle will be 34-35 days Im passed 35 days I'm like 38+ days an I still haven't had my period. my partner an I do have unprotected sex. I have taken two pregnancy test both negative.

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Alyssa Says:

I've been on Sprintec for about 6 months now and I recently took one pill and then threw up an hour later, so I took the last active pill in the pack (day 21). When day 21 came I missed that day since I had already took it earlier in the month and got back on schedule with the placebo pills. I went through all the placebo pills and haven't had my period. I started my new pack today still without a period. I took a pregnancy test on Friday (the 6th day of the placebo pills) and it was negative. I've had unprotected sex during this time and my bf always pulls out. Not really sure if I should be worried or if it's because of the 2 pills I took one day and them missed the last active day.

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