Spiriva Capsules Empty

Jean Says:

please when a person has been taking this(*Spiriva) medication for a period of time you know if you are getting meds or not. I have not taken a count and I can do so if necessary but it is approx. every 5th capsule that doesn't give out any powder....The above lady is correct the capsules are very brittle so it is possible that the capsules are cracking and the meds escapes. This is not very good , why would I pay for meds that I do not get.

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Mary Says:

I have been taking Spiriva for about 9 months now. I encounter at least 3 empty capsules per month. On the first inhale if there is no rattling, I just discard the capsule and take a different one. I use the same process every day so I don't buy the company's statement that there is powder in the capsules and it is user failure. If that was the case would so many of us be having the same problem about the same amount of times per month, with most capsules working? Sounds like company propaganda to me and they should listen to us, the users to realize there is a problem. This is not a cheap medication, it is the most expensive one I take even with my insurance co pay.

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Anita Says:

Same thing happened to me quite a few times and I called my pharmacy. They told me that once i insert the capsule and close the lid to pierce it that I should lightly hit it on my counter and that should do the trick. It worked. Hope this help you.

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Mike Says:

My best friend Brandon from DC, I think overuses his spariva because he takes about five puffs of the disc followed by 4-5 puffs of his rescue inhaler and symbacort all in the same time period. Although his Ashthma is severe, I feel as though he's going to have a heart attack.

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Donna Says:

I agree, I'am taking spiriva for my copd and I feel some of those capsules are empty.

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gran Says:

if you feel that your spriva capsule was empty can you take another dose?

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Judith Says:

I, too, have had problems with Spiriva duds since I've been taking it for the past five years and, yes, about every 5th capsule is a dud. I've contacted the company about it more than once but have received no reply at all. My pulmonologist has also contacted the company and has also had no reply. I wish I could take a different medication for my emphysema, but Spiriva is the only one I'm not allergic to. Two others put me in the hospital with anaphylaxis so we're not taking any more chances.

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